DrDisrespect Gives a Sneak Peek to His Rogue Company Map Called ‘The Arena’

DrDisrespect gave us a sneak peek to his newly created map for Rogue Company.

Herschel Guy Beahm IV or more commonly known as DrDisrespect is a famous streamer who was banned from Twitch and is now streaming on Youtube.


On his stream last week DrDisrespect played the newly released third-person game called Rogue Company. After playing the game he liked the game so much that he wanted to try making a Rogue Company map. Rogue Company gave him 24 hours to prove that he still had his Call of Duty map-making skills after all these years. DrDisrespect made a blueprint of his Rogue Company map called the arena in less than 24 hours.

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3D View of ‘The Arena’ Map

In his latest tweet, DrDisrespect gave us a sneak peek at the progress of his new map for Rogue Company. With the tweet, he attached an image that shows a 3D birds-eye view of the map.

In the tweet, The Two Time also mentioned that a full video will be coming next week. So we can all assume that DrDisrespect’s map called ‘The Arena’ might be done sooner than we thought. 

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