Dragon Quest of the Stars shutting down

Square Enix’s mobile gacha game, Dragon Quest of the Stars shutting down, only one year since after went live.

Dragon Quest of the Stars, a gacha game from Square Enix. It was heavily criticized due to its unfair and unbalanced pay to win gacha elements. Furthermore, unlike other popular games of the same genre. This one almost had no fun gameplay or interactivity. Players traveled through worlds, interacting with monsters, villains, and heroes from different Dragon Quest games.

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Although an interesting premise, combat carried almost automatically, with none of the signature Dragon Quest combat system used. Moreover, the game was heavily dependent on better gears, items only purchasable with real-life cash. Making the game a blatant cash-grab with no redeeming qualities.

Consequently, Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest of the Stars will be shutting down on June 30, 2021. This announcement led to fan outrage, as players spent a lot of money on the game. Now everything will be lost after just one year of service. Even though Square Enix ensured the game will have a long life span.

A lot of gacha game dominates the market right now such as FGO and Genshin Impact. Solely because of their fun gameplay and fair gacha mechanics. Furthermore, there are also very successful gacha games based on popular franchises. Unfortunately, Dragon Quest of the Stars, could not make an impact and tried simply to make quick bucks from faithful fans.

This is not the end as there are other Square Enix gacha games and single-player RPGs, like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games to play. Which are far better and enjoyable to play. So you will probably not miss out on anything when the Dragon Quest of the Stars shuts down. Unless you were deep into that game.

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