Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake announced

Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake is coming to consoles with a different look to the classic JRPG.

During the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary stream, Square Enix announced a bunch of new titles. Although most of them Japan exclusives. Although it does not mean that the global fanbase got left behind. As Square Enix surprised us with new Dragon Quest games, remakes and etc.

Just like that, Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake has been announced for consoles. Furthermore, the game will be a worldwide release.

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Dragon Quest III HD-2D is using the same modern HD and retro 2D visuals of Octopath Traveller and Project Triangle Strategy. And like the other two games, the Dragon Quest III remake looks gorgeous and vibrant. It seems like more classic remakes or retro-inspired games will use this style. Something we can never have enough of. It also helps bring in newer and unfamiliar gamers into trying the games out.

Moreover, the battle screen has been changed to a mix of third-person angled view and the typical first-person screen.

The new modern graphics give the game beautiful lighting and shadows and other visual effects which incorporate well with the fluid animation.

As of now, no details are given about any special additions, or changes to Dragon Quest III HD-2D, in terms of gameplay, content. We suppose not much will be changed either. After all the game is already pretty great.

Dragon Quest III first came out in 1988 for the Famicom. Over the years, it released on multiple platforms with updated visuals. Such as SNES, 3DS, PS4, GameBoy Color, and even Android and iOS. But none of them saw the complete visual overhaul as Dragon Quest III HD-2D.

The game is a prequel to the first two and can be considered a sequel to DQ11.

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