Dr DisRespect wants to create a gaming award show in 2021

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image credit: Dr DisRespect

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV or more commonly known by his alter ego “Dr DisRespect” thinks the gaming industry needs to create an award show that rewards the truly creative people in the industry.

The gaming industry already has an award show that rewards some of the talented video game developers all around the world. And in recent years, indie game developers have been really stepping up their game compared to the AAA gaming space.

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However, Dr DisRespect believes there should be more categories to feature other parts of the community. An award show to reward some awesome content in the community. Furthermore, Dr DisRespect added that he wants an award show that will truly focus on things that “really matter“.

Dr DisRespect on the gaming award show

In his hypothetical award show, he wants to focus on other categories that are currently not listed in the general gaming awards show. For example, he wants categories such as best multiplayer map design, best weapon skin, best single-player level, best menu music, funniest clip, gameplay clip of the year, and more to be added to award shows.

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In the same tweet, he also hinted towards making a gaming award show of some sort next year meaning 2021. If this is true then Dr DisRespect might just be planning to either host directly or hire an agency to make an award show to reward the true creatives in the industry.

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