Double Tap Trigger Hop Up Might Make a Return in Apex Legends Season 14

A fairly popular Hop-Up called Double Tap Trigger might return as a ground loot with Season 14’s official release in Apex Legends.

Like other exciting features, Apex Legends introduced Hop Ups with its launch. Hop Ups are special attachments used with designated weapons in the game. These attachments can cause minor to drastic changes to the base weapon’s performance. Hence they are very popular in the game.

Respawn usually rotates these Hop Ups in every season to spice things up. They also introduce new Hop Ups and frequently pull back the old ones from the game. So, it is really a guessing game on what to expect in a new season.

One of such Hop Up that Respawn brought to the game is called a Double Tap Trigger. It is one of the older weapon attachments that was introduced in Season 3: Meltdown. This special attachment allows an alternative burst fire mode for specific weapons such as EVA-8 and G7 Scout. After pressing B, it lets the player shoot two rounds in one go.

The Double Tap Trigger was helpful to many players because it boosted the damage rate and efficiency of the weapons. But, just when people started getting used to it, Respawn removed it from the game in Season 8. Although it reappeared in Season 11, it was preattached with the Care Package G7-Scout.

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Double Tap Trigger Hop Up Is Returning

Double Tap Trigger Hop Up was last seen as a ground loot attachment back in Season 8. However, a recent leak from Thordan Smash, a famous data miner and content creator, the Hop-Up might make a return in Season 14.

Credit: ThordanSmash

In the above picture, you can see a small patch note for Double Tap Trigger. It was data mined from the game files back when Season 13 went live. This patch note also suggests that the Hop-Up will be compatible with EVA-8. This means it will be available as a ground loot in the future.

The date for the patch note reveals more information about when it will release. According to previous data, Season 14 will go live on August 9, 2022, the same day this patch date is mentioned. So, we can expect the Double Tap Trigger to appear along with Season 14’s release.

However, Respawn likes to change things as the season progresses. So, take this information with a grain of salt.

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