Double Support Item Bot Lane can Grant More Gold than Just Regular CSing

Spectral Sickle/Spellthief's Edge ADC + Relic Shield support theoretically can grant MORE GOLD than just regular CSing

With the recent changes in the Support items, CSing more than 20cs per 5 minutes activates a gold debuff in which you get less gold from CSing. 20 CS per 5 minutes is equivalent to two melee minions and every cannon minion.

According to Wiki if you have Sickle killing exactly 20 minions before 5 minutes, activates the “reduced gold from minions” debuff. If support has Relic Shield while AD has Sickle, support can proc Relic Shield 6 times. This increases AD’s CS by 6 and AD can not get the debuff before 26 CS.

One wave comes every 30 seconds. According to the League of Legends wiki, each wave gives on average 125 gold. That means by farming regularly, you get 41.667 gold per 10 seconds with perfect CS.

This strategy gives:

  • 2 gold per 10 seconds passively from the support item. (2 gold/10 sec)
  • 15 gold per proc of the support item. You get one charge every 10 seconds. (15 gold/10 sec)
  • Killing two melee minions per wave. Each melee gives 21 gold. Each wave comes every 30 seconds. 21 * 2 / 3. (14 gold per 10 seconds).
  • Killing every cannon minion. Cannons come to every three waves, so that’s 90 seconds. Cannons give 60 gold. 60 / 9. (6.667 gold per 10 seconds)
  • Gold from the Relic Shield. You get one charge every 45 seconds. Typically they’ll get the leftover melee minion since you’re killing two melees per second. 21 / 4.5. (4.667 gold per 10 seconds)

6.667+ 14 + 15 + 2 + 4.667 = 42.334

Which is more than the original 41.667 you get from CSing.

Of course, this disregards:

  • How minions grant a bit more gold over time
  • How your upgraded support item (Harrowing Crescent/Frostfang) actually gives 3 gold/10 sec instead of 2 gold/10 sec
  • How you won’t be able to proc Sickle/Spellthief’s every single time it’s up.

Benefits of using this strategy:

– Many people in the solo queue are able to get perfect CS, which would make this support item strategy comparatively better. You might want to try to see the differences assuming that people don’t get perfect CS.

– Laning phase can be incredibly safe. Since you don’t need to CS for gold, it’s super hard to punish you for literally anything. With roaming support like Blitzcrank, Pyke you can just sit back in the EXP range and wait for him to come back, and you don’t lose out on gold.

– Melee support is not needed anymore. Relic Shield/Steel Shoulderguards now works on ranged champions.

– The biggest advantage of this strategy is that you can push to scale your lane partner harder as well. You can let them take a caster+melee minion each wave to get an extra ~40 gold or so per wave (Or, just take all remaining minions since the leftovers would go to waste anyway. Depends on if the debuff value is more impactful than the value of just taking them). This can be enough to get them an extra half an item (~1200 gold generally) ahead of the enemy support or so by 20 minutes.

NOTE: You need to sell your support item after you complete it. The completed support item still gives you the reduced minion gold debuff.




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