Best Characters in DNF Duel: Every Character Ranked from Worst to Best

Want to know where your favorite DNF Duel characters rank in the battle of the best? Scroll down already.

After getting released on 28th June, DNF Duel is already a hot take worldwide. Eighting studio developed this 2.5D game based on the popular Dungeon Fighter Online, and their basis was already ranked in the market. To talk about the gameplay, it is pretty much the same traditional 2D mode. Serve your purpose by fighting against the opponent using various unique moves, bringing home your wrath, which is pretty much all this is about.

There are a total of 16 characters to choose from. All these are based on DFO as well. The difference you will see is the MP Gauge System. This allows the character to use MP moves. Well, you need to have the gauge for it for starting. Now let’s talk about our characters in DNF Duel.

Each of these 16 characters has different skill sets. Their move sets for their featured moves have a user-friendly control scheme, even though you will observe how diverse they are. So, there has to be a hassle while choosing the best character for yourself. Now, this guide will cut that part of your problem in half. Just go through our characters’ rankings and suit yourself with the character you feel getting the vibe the most.

Best Characters Tier List in DNF Duel

Before we proceed, let me clarify that these characters are just an in-game option to reach the journey’s end. The ranking here is based on their abilities and potential. No unnecessary hatred is needed for the characters that fall behind. Remember, you won’t be able to ride the strongest horse in the stable if you do not know how to put on the jin.

S-Tier (Best)Crusader, Swift Master, Troubleshooter, Launcher
A-Tier (Good)Berserker, Ghostblade, Inquisitor, Ranger, Enchantress, Vanguard, Lost Warrior, Kunoichi
B-Tier (Average)Dragon Knight, Hitman, Grappler, Striker



crusader dnf duel

He terrorized the battlefield in the beta versions. Add to that; he is still threatening the same in the full version. Moreover, he is the most devotee among his priest brothers. It is said that the obstacles in his path are directly sent from heaven to test his ultimate faith. He does have the ability to cross them all. His overpowering ability is what makes up for the fear in the foes. With Merciful Strength awakened, the Crusader can improve his defensive position.

The Crusader feels comfortable using magic rather than his physical strength in the battleground. Thus, even wielding a massive hammer, you must study his spells along the way. This is what makes it quite a bit hard for the fresher. But the veterans know how to get a grip of this wild horse.

Swift Master

swift master dnf duel

Swift Master got his name by getting pretty swiftly with his moves. Well, he is one of the fastest characters in DNF Duel. The ranged projectiles are what keep him to the top spots. Besides controlling the air, he is the only character to perform all of his airborne moves. Swift Master can also generate a vortex that pulls the foes towards him. And keep note, if the foe is unguarded, the game is more or less over for him.

This mage is untouchable after awakening Wind Master. His speed gets amplified more than ever. Along with that, his attacks get more precise. That carries more threats than ever for the foes. With the highest mobility, this mage falls behind because of his health power. Other than that, this is another wild horse.


troubleshooter dnf duel

The windows troubleshooter rarely gets reported to work with a precise motive. But this Troubleshooter in DNF Duel knows how to duel. Troubleshooter is all about being a hitman, except for his not a hitman. Moreover, his one step ahead of Hitman on every basis. This mercenary is enough by himself with those explosives and the shotgun. Apart from having no trouble at shooting things, he is also a specialist in setting traps for the foes. Moreover, he has a suicidal attack mode to increase the AP for a limited time. Very practical, I should add that.

Troubleshooter can awaken Handle Explosives. With this, his MP skills get stronger, allowing him to have a larger room in battlegrounds. And with a bit of space, he is known to cause mayhem. This covers up his sin of being slow.


launcher dnf duel

Launcher is a gunner by born. Not sure if she supports Arsenal, though. Never mind, her ability to play with heavy firearms has permanently bought her a rank in S-tier. Her various long-ranged attacks are all born from high-tech weapons. Keep note that these attacks are also multi-hit attacks. Moreover, these attacks can even come at a delayed period to confuse the foes.

Launcher awakens Overheat. It allows her to increase the amount of White Damage. Her downside is not having eye-catching combos. Other than that, the long-ranged multi-hits can make you forget about that.



vanguard dnf duel

Berserker here is one of the all-rounder characters in DNF Duel. He has this eternal lust for blood. His Frenzy mode allows him to boost up his AP with his health. But if he has awakened Thirst at the moment, you can play the Uno reverse card. With Thirst being activated, you will be able to manage your health. Apart from this, Berserker is a specialist in long-range attacks. His ground attacks are highly aggressive than the others. Now that is what I would call a plus point. And for a surprise, he is the most beginner-friendly of all the characters.


ghostblade dnf duel

Ghostblade falls under the Slayer class. And the Slayers are known to have no control when they get berserk. However, our Ghostblade here is an exception. His precise poking techniques have been known to keep away Death. These techniques help him unleash one of the most fearsome and relentless attacks on the whole character.

Moreover, when Ghostblade awakens his Phantasmal Binity, AP increases more than ever and can counter with stronger attacks. As he has a pact with Ghost, his attack succession rates stonk from time to time. And with the aid of the Ghost, Ghostblade can even control his mobility to take control of the battleground. Besides having a weak defense, Ghostblade gets pulled back because of his awakening. It evaporates his HP just like that.


inquisitor dnf duel

Inquisitor is another priest in the game. Apart from keeping the battleground holy, she also can awake Coldhearted Inquisitor. Such a cold-hearted priest she is. She is well known for purifying her foes with Holy Flames. Moreover, her immobilizing MP skill sets can even burn down anything to the ground that moves.

However, she has more in her holy pocket. With some combo combining oil attack with dive kicks, it can make you forget that she only carries 850 HP. But do keep in mind that our priestess cannot take pressure for long and has an issue with breaking down. Take care of her.


ranger dnf duel

We have another gunner in the house. Ranger has another favorability. As on the release time, he was one of the characters to get revealed. Well, apart from that, he is a serious outlaw. Ranger has a specialty in a duel. So, it is obvious that the foes are already dead even before drawing. As his name holds his legacy, he has mastered long-range moves. With that can be said, he can control a large area.

Ranger can awaken Sudden Death. It does sound too intimidating, but it can buff his AP. Thus, restraining the foes is a piece of cake. Now talking about his combos is where it gets tricky. You need to give yourself time to learn about his skill sets. Otherwise, he is one of the wild horses to tame.


enchantress dnf duel

The Mage class has another mistress. This witch likes to play with dolls, more like cursed ones. In the outskirts of Bronx, she is known as Enchantress. Her puppeteering ability makes her one of the formidable characters controlling the battleground. By pulling the strings from far, she was sure to keep quite some distance between her and her foes.

Enchantress can awake Favoritism. With that being activated, her consumption of MP gets significantly reduced. Moreover, she can even steal MP from her foes. That sure does count as first-degree harassment. By controlling the ranged attacks, she has a leveling ground with Ranger a bit. But her mobility is what makes the difference between her and Ranger.


vanguard dnf duel

Vanguard here comes from Demonic Lancer class. This class is known to control the frontline on the battlefield. By born, they are sealed with Demonic Lance. This power gives them the ability to feed on their foe’s life. Moreover, our Vanguard can catch his foes with his unique long-poking ability. You can even make that out in a combo.

Vanguard can awake Demonic Lance Mastery. This one aids in feeding on his foes to grow more powerful than ever. The one thing that makes him unique is his repeated strikes until the foe gets cut down to the ground. And mark my words, this will be a one-sided battle.

Lost Warrior

lost warrior dnf duel

Lost Warrior is literally lost from his class. More like outclass. As his memory is lost, he wanders from dominion to dominion. Cultured weebs have reported his looks to resemble Dracula from Castlevania. Well, small world we are living in. Now about this Lost Warrior, he is a hidden one among the characters in DNF Duel. You must finish the main story to grasp this lost soul. He is more like those bosses you think of having in your arsenal but somehow disappoints a bit when you get him as a playable character. Neh, our Lost Warrior, is not even that bad.

Our Lost Warrior likes to awaken the Logic of the Dimensions. He already can stop his foe’s time. Just like Dio’s Za Warudo. All it takes is a couple of MP skills to land perfectly. Moreover, the time stop is significantly extended with Logic of Dimensions activated. These and those other skill sets will give the fresher a hard time on the ground. But for veterans, this one class relies on undiscovered potential.


kunoichi dnf duel

Kunoichi is a ninja assassin one night and a thief the other night. Such a busy schedule. As a ninja, there are a couple of tricks under her sleeve. These ninja techniques, or Ninjutsu, are made from Dark Elf magic that can manipulate fire. Along with manipulating fire, Kunoichi has high mobility to play with that fire. Moreover, this high mobility blesses her with teleportation abilities.

Her chargeable MP skills are solely for cutting down foes in an instance. And with awakening Nin Boost, MP consumption is reduced significantly. The catch here is that she cannot get consistent with her moves. More precisely, you need to boost her actions with awakening. Otherwise, the attacking potential gets wasted a bit. Moreover, she has issues with pressure like most of the others.


Dragon Knight

dragon knight dnf duel

Dragon Knight comes from the greatest Dragon warriors of Bakal. And she doesn’t work alone. Her trustee Astra is there to immobilize her foe’s attacks. And after that, our Dragon Knight is ready to charge with several aerial maneuvers to pressure her foes. Moreover, her weapon can poke hard, which goes long-range.

Dragon Knight awakens Dragon Force. With that, her MP recovers quicker than ever. And what use does that come off? Well, that allows her to engage in continuous attacks. And this offensiveness is untiring.

Moreover, she also got some airborne moves. Out of all the characters, Dragon Knight is the one to pressure her foes the most. And this comes at a cost. She is also one of the costliest MP users. Moreover, she is also seen to struggle with foes faster than her. Well, a single poke is enough, right?


hitman dnf duel

Even though the playstyle should go like an assassin, or more like a killer in the shadow, this Hitman comes with a submachine gun in one hand and a blade in the other. So much for a silent killer. As you can already guess, he has some tricky multi-hit combos under his sleeves to confuse his foes. Note to be added; he is lethal in mid-range.

Along with the multi-hit combos, he can perform extra hits when Battle Command awakens. His variation in attacks is sure to keep the foes under constant pressure. However, he can be a tough choice for the fresher as most of his attacks don’t reach long-range. You might also be slightly disappointed as our Hitman doesn’t have that kind of special attack like the other characters in DNF Duel.


grappler dnf duel

Grappler might seem like a straight outta street fighter. And for surprise, he has a thing for plundering dojos. And I presume you can already guess that our Grappler is a melee fighter. He is a charging bull in close-range combat. After charging a bit, he assaults his foes by grabbing them, and let me tell you, that is no ordinary grabbing technique. Moreover, he has several grabbing techniques under his fists.

By awakening Iron Physique, Grappler can increase his guarding position several-fold. With that being activated, he can perform moves that grant invulnerability. Moreover, his attacks can even reach airborne foes. Now to talk about his flaws, he is slow. He is a melee attacker, so his defense should be put on most of the time. Moreover, his shield is also weak and is easy to break-in.


striker dnf duel

Striker comes from another fighter class as our Grappler came. She is determined to learn Ultimate Fighting Will and is trying her heart and soul to look for it. On the way, if she comes face to face with unwanted guests, she can utilize various string moves that are based on her primary attacks. Her rush down potential teams up with her high mobility. And that is enough to execute another variation of attacks. On top of that, she can preserve her MP by canceling out.

She can increase her minimum damage by awakening Power Fist. Her pull-downs are more or less like Grappler’s. She is also slow, and things can go uphill at any moment. To play with her, you must put in a lot of work from the beginning.

All DNF Duel Characters: Ranked from Worst to Best

Let’s finish this off with their rankings. Keep an eye on prioritizing one over another.

16. Striker
15. Grappler
14. Hitman
13. Dragon Knight
12. Kunoichi
11. Lost Warrior
10. Vanguard
9. Enchantress
8. Ranger
7. Inquisitor
6. Ghostblade
5. Berserker
4. Launcher
3. Troubleshooter
2. Swift Master
1. Crusader

There you go, fellow night traveler. That is all you need to know about the characters in the DNF duel. You now have a bit idea about who to pick on your voyage. On top of that, have fun! Prost!

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