Disguised Toast Addresses his Problematic Past and People Trying to Cancel him

Popular Facebook Gaming Streamer Disguised Toast recently addressed people trying to cancel him for the supposed “Problematic” comments he made in the past.

Jeremy Wang or more commonly known online as Disguised Toast recently was met with some online drama. Some people on social media criticized Toast for the alleged racist and sexist jokes he made in the past.

Toast received some “thoughtful and well-written message” about the recent drama from a fan and decided to address these allegations. Toast also made a Twitlonger response titled “Addressing my “problematic” past and being cancelled” where he shared his response.

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Toast’s Twitlonger Response:


Firstly in the introduction part, Toast mentioned how he is treading the line between edgy humor and how he didn’t try to hide anything from his fans. He also mentioned that he takes full responsibility for all the things he said and actions he did in the past. He said,

“I have always toed the line of “edgy” humor when it comes to my online presence.”

“There’s nothing about what I’ve done publicly that I have tried to hide, or delete, or claim ignorance to. I take full responsibility of all I’ve said and all my actions.”

Then he went on to explain what warranted his long response. Someone apparently emailed Toast a list of problematic things that he had done in the past.

“Someone emailed me a list of problematic things I’ve done in their eyes and that’s making the rounds in the “twitter stan” circles.”

Apparently, people were targeting Toast’s friends and pressuring them for interacting with Toast. Toast made it clear that involving his “friends in OTV and Amigops” was the main reason for his elaborate response. He said, “Sh*t on me all you want, but I always draw the line at attacking my friends.”

Key Points:

In the Twitlonger response Toast made 5 points and made his response to them.

1.” He’s a racist”: According to Toast, in an OfflineTV video he was doing a don’t laugh challenge and read a racist joke from a website to make someone laugh. Regarding the surface of this clip and people calling him racist Toast said, “Trying to educate me that it’s offensive has no weight because we all knew it was offensive, that’s why it was censored.”

He also shared that he was called “Jackie Chan” all the time in school and people shout “Ching Chong” when he goes out to eat at restaurants. Toast wrote,

“I have experienced racism myself. This obviously doesn’t make me immune to being racist, but reading an offensive joke doesn’t make me one either.”

2. “He’s a racist off-stream”: During a podcast with Destiny, Toast mentioned that many streamers say and do things that people might find distasteful. This is why so many streamers like to keep their private life hidden. He explained the situation like this,

“When I say I make racial jokes off-stream, this does not mean I walk around the OTV house dropping slurs left and right. It means occasionally, say we are discussing the next member of OTV, I would say “ARE THEY ASIAN? BECAUSE WE ARE TOO ASIAN. WE SHOULD DIVERSIFY WITH A WHITE/BLACK GUY!”. Obviously, we don’t pick member based on race – does that mean everyone in OTV deserved to be cancelled and forced to apologies for NOT then running to Twitter and publicly condemning what I said in private? No.”

3. “He promotes pedophilia”: Once during a game of Pictionary the prompt was “illegal” and Toast drew a little girl to symbolize pedophilia was illegal. But many Twitter users apparently said Toast wanted to have sex with children. Toast mentioned some people might find this tasteless but said,” again it just goes back to my “edgy” sense of humor.”

He also cleared the whole context of him drawing a little girl. “The prompt was “illegal”, I’m pretty sure it’s clear that even with the worse opinion of me, people can recognize that I’m saying pedo = bad.”

4.” I’m a rape advocate: Apparently some people mentioned that Toast said something along the line of “when a women says no don’t let that stop you cause she doesn’t really mean it anyway, just keep going”. Toast said he does not ever remember saying something like this and there are no videos provided by the accusers that prove he said this. But Toast remembers saying “if a girl says no, just keep asking till she gives in” in a satirical way in front of two female friends who were sure to react and tell him to stop.

5.” He thinks there’s nothing wrong with using the R slur”: Toast said that he never uses the R slur and is aware why this word shouldn’t be used. The email said Toast apparently used it in a recent stream but did not show any videos to back up the claim.

Those are all the points Toast discussed in his Twitlonger response. The points are summarised in short here so read the full Twitlonger response if you want more context.

Toast also announced that going forward he will be less edgy. His actual words, “Moving forward, I will try to be a lil bit less edgy. But that type of humor is something I grew up with and do personally find humorous.”

Lastly Toast asked everyone to leave his friends out of all the drama and said,

“The one thing I ask is to leave my friends alone. They are wonderful people that don’t deserve any hate for associating with me. Boycott my content, cancel me, whatever – but don’t drag them into it by pressuring them or demanding an apology from them just because we play games together.”.

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