Disgaea 6: Best Ways To Level Up Fast

In an awesome game like Disgaea 6, you may want to reach levels faster to get a full view of the game, its characters, playing tactics, and much more. This guide will show you the best ways to level up faster in Disgaea 6.

In Disgaea 6, you can feel the ultimate experience of the high-level grid-based combat battlefields. Players can reach up to high levels, as many as 99,999,999. Isn’t that super cool? Of course, you have to play tactically with your chosen role. You can fight against monsters and demons of various kinds with full awesomeness as the latest 3D graphics are in the game.

As this game has many levels, you may want your levels to be completed faster so that you can experience more and see the Disgaea 6 world. To do so, you may follow some systematic rules that are easy to follow and conduct.

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Best Ways To Level Up Fast

You may follow the steps below to level up faster in Disgaea 6:

Visit Cheat Shop

Disgaea 6: Best Ways To Level Up Fast
Credit: primalliquid ( YT )

Cheat Shop is an amazing feature to level up faster. In addition, this feature can adjust your certain points in different sectors, which will help you get more percentages of great leveling experience in the game.


You can use the Autopilot mode to win matches in the game. This will also help you level up faster than ever. With this Autopilot mode, the built-in AI in the game will play for you in the back to keep you surviving and not losing.

Credit: primalliquid ( YT )


The Reborn or Reincarnation option in Disgaea 6 is a brand new one. With this feature, players can now be reborn and gather more skills and points, which results in leveling up faster.

Disgaea 6: Best Ways To Level Up Fast
Cresit: primalliquid ( YT )

Combat Features

Use various combat features in the game to win battles faster. If you win faster, you will level up faster. This feature includes:

  • Tower Attack
  • Combos
  • Team Attack

Item Research Squad

If you want to level up faster, you will need to complete matches quickly, and to do so; you must need your weapons and gears up to date. Moreover, leveling up items can also be a great way to upgrade your level.

Be The Expert

Master your characters through combats and other skills. If you can Master your class, you are one step ahead of leveling up faster.

Worlds and Stages

Disgaea 6: Best Ways To Level Up Fast
Credit: primalliquid ( YT )

Visit and play in different worlds and stages and gradually play from easy levels to hard ones. This will help you to go with the complete and systematic flow of the game. Like:

  • The Bell Blessing
  • Overlord’s Keep, etc.

Playing in a different environment would surely help you reach levels faster.

These are the easiest tips and tricks to get your level up faster in Disgaea 6.

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