Dignitas sweep HAVU Gaming 2-0 in the BLAST Nordic Masters: Spring 2021 finals and secure their spot for BLAST Showdown

The BLAST Nordic Masters: Spring 2021 is an Online Counter-Strike Tournament based in the Nordic countries. 8 teams compete in this tournament for a chance to qualify for the BLAST Spring Showdown and a $25,000USD prize.

The BLAST Nordic Masters: Spring 2021 is held in two stages. The Group stages are conducted in two double-elimination format (GSL) groups with each group having 4 teams and all matches are best of 1. Two teams from each group advance to the playoffs with all matches being best of 3. In the group stages, Dignitas and HAVU Gaming were at the top of each group and now they face off against each other in the finals.

The first map was Dust 2 which had a very competitive first half. But Dignitas pulled ahead in the second half on the CT side taking the map. The second map was Inferno which had a competitive 8-7 scoreline as well in favor of Dignitas. In the next half, Dignitas showed their dominance on the defense winning all rounds except one and closed out the map.

Ludvig ‘HEAP‘ Alonso and Håkon ‘hallzerk‘ Fjærli from Dignitas showed outstanding performances with a +11 K/D & +13 K/D and 86.3 & 80.3 ADR.

Mapwise Scores

Dust 2
Dignitas 16-11 HAVU Gaming
Dignitas 16-8 HAVU Gaming

So with that clean sweep, Dignitas are the champions of BLAST Nordic Masters Spring. They will go on to represent the Nordic region in BLAST Spring Showdown 2021 in April.

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