Did Mass Effect franchise dig their own grave?

Spoiler alert they did

Mass Effect was one of the most critically acclaimed video game series in the world at one point. After Mass Effect 3’s underwhelming ending, the series just went down and down ever since.

2007 was a great year for gaming. Games like Witcher, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, BioShock, etc came out and remained near in our hearts. Among them, Mass effect was a really popular game cause Bioware back then had some real clout behind them. Everyone and their grandma was excited about this new RPG. After making games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware was in a really good position.

After all that hype Bioware really did deliver on their promise. Mass Effect was a huge success for Bioware. It sold like a hot cake and it made Bioware really popular among new and old fans alike. Then they released the sequel and somehow managed to catch lightning in a bottle twice.

Mass Effect 3’s Ending

It all started to look bad for Bioware when the conclusion to the epic saga came to an end back in 2012. Many devoted fans of Mass Effect were upset with the ending of the franchise. It got a really mixed review. But many still stood by Bioware and claimed that it wasn’t that bad. And the franchise as a whole was still a masterpiece.


The final nail in the coffin for Bioware was Andromeda. With its buggy release and uninspiring gameplay and story, gamers felt like Bioware had lost its magic. They could never become a cultural phenomenon such as Halo and Elder Scrolls series. Bioware really missed their chance with The Mass Effect franchise.

 Andromeda memes
But the memes were fire though

They could have easily become one of those genre-defining experiences. But with the lackluster reception of Andromeda, it is clear that Bioware and EA won’t bring back the series any time soon.

Even after all that many fans still hope that Bioware would go back to their early days and make amusing games that really fascinate you. But with their recent outings such as Anthem, the future is really uncertain for Bioware.

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