Diablo 4 might have more cosmetic micro transaction then ever

Diablo is one of the most respected looter game of all time. Diablo 4 might have the worst implementation of micro transaction in their library. Every entry in the series have made a lot of fans all around the world. Except the horrendous launch of Diablo 3.It suffered from bad loot and endgame was not up to par. Blizzards then reworked the whole loot distribution. It worked well but players were still a bit disappointed at the lack luster launch.

Rumors were floating around the internet about a possibility of a new Diablo game. But at BlizzCon 2018 blizzards announced a new mobile game Diablo Immortal. It didn’t resonate well with hardcore PC Gamers.

Diablo mobile game meme

Then the company revealed in BlizzCon 2019 that they are working on a new Diablo game. And yes it is Diablo 4. But rumors suggests that this version of the game might have more micro transaction in the form of cosmetic items in the game. Blizzards revenue is already under some scrutiny after the Blitzchung incident. So the Blizzard might compensate for that by adding more paid micro transaction and expansions.

They even cancelled Diablo 2 remastered. In recent months the public perception of the company is not great. They made some questionable decision lately. But gamers are still hoping that they might go back to their glorious pat.


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