Devolver Digital confirms Fall Guys is not coming to Xbox Game Pass

In a Tweet reply, Devolver digital confirmed that ‘Fall Guys’ is not coming to Xbox Game Pass.

For the last three years, Battle Royale Games have taken over the multiplayer world of the gaming universe. Fall Guys was another addition to the Battle Royale collection but with a twist. Its uniqueness attracted fans the most and whilst the pandemic everyone jumped in the new Battle Royale train.

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Fall Guys came out in the August of 2020 when we all were experiencing the pandemic. As a result, just like Among Us, it blew up and, people were hopping on this new Battle Royale unlike any other. Even though at this moment, it isn’t getting the number of players it did back in August. It still is a pretty unique Battle Royale with fun levels that lead to a final winner.

A mix-up confirmed that Fall Guys is not coming to Xbox Game Pass anytime soon. All of this started when an official Game Pass account responded to a fan’s Tweet. After the reply, everyone got hyped because this was big news until Digital Devolver came into the act.

Giving a straightforward answer to a Verge journalist, they confirmed it’s not coming to any form of Game Pass. Meaning that nor is it is coming to Xbox Game Pass PC neither, on Xbox.

Fall Guys is available on PC and PS4 and, an Xbox version is far from releasing due to its timed exclusivity on the PS4. It will come to Xbox eventually but not yet revealed when exactly.

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