Developers Dontnod has 6 games in production

Life is Strange creators, Dontnod has revealed they are working on 6 games for the future.

Dontnod Entertainment, the creators of the hit adventure series, Life is Strange, are hard at work. For instance, they recently released a narrative-driven game under Microsoft, Tell Me Why, with more chapters incoming. Dontnod is also working on another narrative-focused adventure title, Twin Mirror.

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Furthermore, in a recent interview by GamesBeat, Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert has said that the Dontnod team is simultaneously working on 6 new games. One of which is being worked on by the new studio they recently acquired, housing experienced industry experts. Such as people who previously worked on Life is Strange.

Additionally, Oskar Guilbert has expressed satisfaction with how their recent releases fared within the gaming community. Hence, Dontnod Entertainment’s main focus is now on those new titles for the future. Moreover, he also mentioned that not all of their future games will follow the same narrative-driven genre. In fact, they will work on new IPs with a range of genres. Such as action-RPGs and interactive fictional experiences.

Although, Dontnod hasn’t revealed the names of these new IPs. Their latest game Twin Mirrors will be releasing this December 1st, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Twin Mirrors, like earlier titles, focuses on storytelling, as well as incorporating some interesting gameplay mechanics to explore and progress.

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