Developer shares canceled Superman game footage

Former developer has shared game footage and information about a canceled Superman game. Called Superman: Blue Steel.

Salvatrix, a former developer of the now-closed Factor 5 has released never before seen footage and information of a Superman game. The studio popular for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron games, shut its doors back in 2009.

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Salvatrix shared these on Twitter. Furthermore, giving details about how the game could not see the light of day. Even though the Superman game was slowly turning out to be an awesome title.

In this canceled Superman: Blue Steel – Super Brawls game, players are tasked to stop the super brawls. Moreover, the game heavily focused on fighting on huge open maps as you could smash signature Superman rivals through the skies, crashing across buildings, and etc. Not only limited to Metropolis. In fact, as said in the Tweets, the game was planned to have several arcs situated on different DC locations. By the looks of the gameplay footage and concept art, gamers really missed out on something great.

Batman has consistently got great adventure titles, with legendary names like the Arkham Asylum. Moreover, WB is currently developing Gotham Knights, another Batman title. On the other hand, there are virtually no Superman games, one of the most popular DC characters. Flying at extreme speeds, smashing enemies like Darkseid, Brainiac, Darkseid as Superman can never go wrong. Yet we are deprived of a potentially GOTY level Superman game.

The canceled Superman Blue Steel game is now a thing of the past. With no hope of anyone picking this up. On the other hand, there are heavy rumors that WB is working on a Superman game. At this point, there is no other option other than to hope for a Superman game that will charm the desires of both superhero fans and gamers.

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