Dev saw a boost in-game sales after giving it away for free

Pirating lead to better sales

An indie developer of a top-down shooter called Danger Gazers saw a huge boost in sales figures after giving the game away in a torrent for free. He was really surprised to see so much response from gamers.

The small indie developer ShotX Studio released the game Danger Gazers back on Jan 2, 2020. And needless to say, it wasn’t doing that well as he wanted. So he decided to literally give the game away as torrent to gamers who cannot afford it. He later told them to buy the game if they really like it.

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The pirates were really impressed with the game and decided to buy the game to support the dev anyway. This gave a huge boost in sales for the indie dev. He saw almost sales boost of 400% after he gave the game away for free to people who clearly can’t afford it.

Some were buying the game just to show some love to the devs even though they said that this type of top-down shooter wasn’t their cup of tea. This really shows how if you give something to the gaming community and receive their goodwill you are gonna get something in return.

Steam reviews after he gave it away
Steam reviews after he gave it away

Shota Bobokhidze, the creator of the game said that growing up he was in a situation where piracy was the only viable solution for him. So, he gave away the game for free to the misfortunate. But seeing his goodwill many began to buy the games in a flock.

They also began to leave positive reviews and show their support for the studio. The dev later said that he was really happy with the outcome and claimed that every bit helps as an indie studio.


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