Detailed Explanation of Upcoming Jungle Experience Changes

Riot Scruffy announced that jungle experience changes are finally coming to PBE. And finally, Junglers can stop complaining about the lack of XP gain.

The jungle has been in a pretty bad spot in Season 10. League of Legends subreddit and many pros like Jankos have spoken about the lack of XP and how easy it is to punish a jungle and make him 3-4 level down.

Regarding Jungle changes Riot stated that, With enough time to see the results on the preseason jungle changes, we’re seeing some goals were achieved and some not.

  • Small nerfs – the jungle XP and gold are nerfed, but it’s looking like it’s a bit too hard in particular on farming and later game junglers.
  • Pathing is more balanced – this goal was definitely achieved, not all paths are perfectly balanced with each other but we’re much closer here than we were in season 9
  • Less early ganks more farm – this goal was not achieved, we’re seeing roughly the same amount of early ganking as season 9

They are trying to buff jungle XP slightly and skew towards incentives to farm over gank.

  • Buffing jungle XP per min for minutes 4-18 and spreading it across the less targeted camps that are often skipped by gank heavy junglers
  • Pushing back the minion farm penalty removal to further nerf funnel strategies (which are rare but extremely strong)


  1. You hit level 5 a camp earlier if you only farm camps (after 9 camps, instead of 10). Level 6 is unchanged.
  2. Roughly a 4.5% overall increase to jungle experience gained from camps for levels 1-6.
  3. First spawned camps have an overall increase to experience, except Red (-10 experience) and Raptors (Stayed the same).
  4. Each camp gives more experience (between 10-18 based off which camp) after it has respawned.

Redditor NinetalesLoL made a table indicating EXP changes in champion level

Jungle Experience Changes table


He also tested the new EXP change off each camp.

First Spawn experience changes

Red: -10

Raptors: 0

Wolves: +10

Gromp: +10

Krugs: +16

Scuttle: +10

Blue: +5

Comment: It’s a buff for the Blue side jungle.

Respawn Experience Changes

Red: Untested

Raptors: +13

Wolves: +15

Gromp: +16

Krugs: +18

Scuttle: Untested

Blue: Untested

With all the number changes slow clearing champions will not fall behind that much anymore but the Gank Heavy champions will be more beneficial to the team.


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