Destiny 2: How To Get Plunder Weapons For Crafting

Are you trying to craft all the season of plunder weapons? Then you are in luck, as here we will talk about how to craft all the seasonal weapons and unlock their deep sight.

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer game where you and your friends can join at any time and play in a dynamic world that is constantly evolving. You can change how your Guardian looks and plays by obtaining robust elemental powers, handcrafted weapons, and unique items. You can also upgrade your loadout further with some seasonal gears and weapons.

Bungie is constantly adding new weapons to the game. While some of these weapons are obtainable from general quests and activities, others need to complete certain dungeons or kill specific enemies. Similarly, Craftable Weapons can only be obtained by unlocking their deep sight and weapons patterns.

Craftable Weapons are highly sought-after weapons in the Destiny 2 Community, thanks to their set rolls. So, in this article, we will discuss how to unlock the season of the plunder weapons’ deep sights and the patterns so you can craft these weapons.

This post was updated Based on Season of the Plunder (Season 18).

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What is weapon crafting?

All Weapons
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If you are a new player or have already played Destiny 2 for quite a while. You may have stumbled upon some weapons that have red borders. These weapons have deep sight inside them, and after killing a certain amount of enemies, you will unlock its pattern. However, crafting a weapon may require multiple deep-sight completion and a certain amount of weapon patterns.

After collecting all the weapon patterns necessary to craft the weapon, head to the enclave on mars where we craft our weapons, go to the weapon section you want to craft, and select crafting. Once you have chosen the crafting option, you must select rolls and perks to complete crafting. If you are crafting the weapon for the first time, you won’t be able to choose a higher rank roll.

So craft the weapon with some basic traits and rolls and leave the crafting menu. Now that you have crafted the weapon, you can upgrade the weapon for some God rolls and good traits. You can upgrade your crafted weapon by playing any activities in Destiny 2. After reaching a certain level with your weapon, you can craft that weapon again with the God roll you want and also with some better traits.

How to Get Plunder Weapons Crafting Patterns?

Ketchcrash and Expeditions
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You can get a red border weapon by playing seasonal activities like Ketchcrash and Expeditions. However, getting a red border weapon from this might take a while, or you could get multiple copies of the same weapon that you don’t need or want. That is where weapon focusing comes in. You can focus your umbral engram with the star chart and get the red border weapon from there.

There are some upgrades that might also help with this process. After collecting some repute from your weekly mission, you can upgrade your star chart, allowing you to get your first weekly weapon with a guaranteed red border. Rinse and repeat the process a couple of times; with a little bit of luck, you will get your first weapon patterns in no time.

Star Chart Upgrade and Activities

Star Chart
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  • Pirate Crew Perks
  • Hire Scur-V the Servitor
  • Floating Debris
  • Weapon Treasure Map
  • Focused Weapon Spoils

Unlock these perks from the star chart, which will help you tremendously to obtain your first weapon pattern. You can also play Master Difficulty Ketchcrash to get a healthy amount of red border weapons.

All the Craftable Weapons In Season of The Plunder

No Reprieve Shotgun
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There is a total of six craftable weapons in the season of the plunder. You have to complete a total of five deep-sight missions and unlock five weapon patterns for each weapon to craft them all.

  • Sailspy Pitchglass
  • Planck’s Stride
  • Tarnished Mettle
  • Highwayman Law
  • Blood Feud
  • No Reprieve

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These are the best method to obtain weapon patterns this season. We hope this guide helps you to find your first weapon pattern as soon as possible, and you can level your crafted weapon quickly. You can also check out our other guides to help you take your Destiny 2 journey to the next level. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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