Destiny 2: A Complete Guide For The King’s Fall Raid

Are you looking for the best way to complete the King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2? Then you are in luck, as here we will go through everything you need to know about the King’s Fall Raid and how to complete it efficiently.

Destiny 2 is a popular looter-shooter video game created by Bungie, well known for its creation of the Halo franchise of video games. In this MMO RPG, you can select from three distinct classes and earn various weapons from raids and other activities. Additionally, you can complete some Dungeons and Raids to obtain some exotics gears and weapons.

In Destiny 2, there are various types of activities that you can complete to obtain some of the most powerful weapons and gear. Amongst them, Raid seems to be the reliable and efficient source of powerful seasonal gears and weapons. Since Bungie boosts the power level by 10 each season, players must obtain some powerful gears to reach the maximum seasonal rank.

With the season of the Plunder, Bungie has introduced a new Raid called the “King’s Fall Raid.” Raids can be pretty difficult if you don’t have a good fire team. If you are like other guardians wondering about the new Raid and how to complete it, you have come to the right place.

Because this guide will answer everything about the King’s Fall Raid, its requirements, best loadout to complete, team comp, and more, so completing the King’s Fall Raid may seem like a piece of cake. So let’s dive in, shall we?

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What is King’s Fall Raid

Image Source: Bungie

Kings fall Raid was originally released in Destiny 1, and now Bungie has re-released it in Destiny 2. Since the release of King’s Fall Raid, the Destiny 2 community has been getting nostalgic about it. If you are a Destiny franchise veteran and have been playing this game since the beginning, you are already familiar with this Raid. Even if you are new, you will definitely enjoy the new Raid nonetheless.

Although King’s fall raid is a re-release from Destiny 1, Bungie has changed some mechanics and champions. This isn’t the first time Bungie has brought something from Destiny 1 and re-released it in Destiny 2 with some polished mechanics. They have also released the vault of glass Raid from Destiny 1 with some minor modifications.

Even though Bungie has changed the mechanics quite a bit, the core mechanics of this Raid is still the same. In this Raid, players will run through a series of challenges and champions before killing the Boss. The final Boss is the Taken King himself, and you have to kill him to get the final rewards.

Requirements and Loadout Plans

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The recommended power level for this Raid is 1560. However, Getting the 1560 power level is not that hard; if you just play along with the season of the plunder, you can easily reach up to the 1560 power level. From there, you can obtain some powerful gears and complete some pinnacle challenges to reach the maximum power cap of 1580 for the season of the plunder.


Image Source: Bungie

If you are a Hunter Main and want to complete this Raid as a Hunter, then using either void or solar subclass would be best. Void Nightstalker is really good if you pair it with vortex grenades because vortex grenades can group enemies together, and you can kill them easily. Solar hunter is also great with the gunslinger and healing grenade ability. You can heal yourself in a critical scenario and deal massive damage to the combatants.


Image Source: Bungie

Solar and Void subclass is also good for Titans. Solar Sunbreaker titan with the hammer of sol is the go-to Titan build for most of the guardians. This is a bonk build where you can throw your hammer and deal massive damage to the enemies as long as you don’t miss your hammer throw. Void Sentinal Titan is the best Titan build for team support and absorbing damage. You can deploy your Titan shield and absorb bullets from the enemy’s gunfire like a sponge.


Image Source: Bungie

Arc and Solar Warlock is currently the meta Warlock build for their supportive nature and infinite healing buffs. A solar warlock can use Well of Radiance and buff their teammates and their own damage. A warlock can heal and gives overshield to their teammates. Warlock is more versatile than the other two subclasses. You can also use your Arc and Void warlock for this Raid as long as your teammates can rely on your healing and damage buffs.


Image Source: Bungie
  • Thunderlord Machine gun is a viable option for killing Oryx-The Taken King while clearing enemy hordes.
  • Hothead Rocket is also a viable option for killing the Boss and dealing massive damage to a single target.
  • Taipan-4FR Linear Fusion Rifle is really Good for single target DPS. You can also use another fusion Rifle like Reed’s Regret to kill the Boss easily.
  • Whisper of The Worm sniper rifle is the best slot sniper rifle for killing the Oryx. It can also deal massive damage to the champions, which makes it really easy to use against other challenges.

King’s Fall Challenges and Mechanics

Image Source: Bungie

While the core mechanics of the King’s Raid is pretty much the same as Destiny 1. Bungie has polished some of the mechanics so every player can enjoy the Raid like Destiny 1 players. There is a total of eight challenges and puzzles you need to complete to obtain the final rewards and raid completion title. And these are:

  • Hall Of Souls Encounter
  • First Jumping Puzzle
  • Totem Encounter
  • Warpriest Raid Boss Encounter
  • Golgoroth Raid Boss Encounter
  • Second Jumping Puzzle
  • Daughters of Oryx Encounters
  • Oryx, The Taken King Final Boss Encounter

How To complete the King’s Fall Raid

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This section will showcase every mechanic of every encounter, secret chests, tips, tricks, loadouts, and everything you need to know to overcome this challenge and beat the King’s fall raid. Try to follow every step cautiously, or you might miss something and can’t complete the Raid or can’t help your fire team because this Raid is more of teamwork than going solo.

Hall Of Souls Encounter

Image Source: Bungie
  • The first encounter occurs in Oryx’s old school court on the dreadnought.
  • You will need to divide your team into two teams of three and shoot down the barrier that’s blocking the first mechanics where you need to put the orbs.
  • Then you need to collect the orbs and plant them in a statue, but keep in mind that you have to put the orb relatively at the same time. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same time, but it shouldn’t be more than 5 seconds.
  • Once you are done with the first statute, split your team into two teams of three. One team should go right side of the hallway, and the other should go left side of the hallway.
  • As you journey through these hallways, eventually, you’re going to see a taken orb, and you can grab this, and then you want to start heading back the way you came.
  • However, when you’re going to head back, there are actually going to be barriers on your route, so you’re going to have to shoot the taken blights in the middle of this barrier, which will remove the barrier.
  • Eventually, you’re going to make your way again back to the beginning, and both teams will have collected their taken orbs, so they will go to one of the relics and plat them at relatively the same time.
  • Once you slam both of these taken orbs on this relic, you’re done with two of the relic, and you have four more to go.
  • Keep in mind that the location of those taken spheres that you grabbed they’re going to change, and essentially they’re going to get further and further and further away progressively. So you will need to go through more doors down and more hallways to find those orbs, and it’s a long journey back.
  • Fortunately, for every set of orbs, the mechanics are identical. Both teams grab the orbs, meet in the middle, and then repeat the process several times.
  • Once you’ve slammed enough orbs, you’ve done all six of these statues. You’ll see a bunch of hive spawn in this middle-front area. You need to kill those hives, and then a portal will open to teleport you into the actual location of the Raid.
  • Once you are done, you will get some loot for the first time for completing the very first encounter, and you have seven more to go.

First Puzzle and First Secret Chest

Image Source: Bungie
  • After collecting those loots, we will get the first jumping puzzle, where you will need to jump from one platform to another platform to cross the void.
  • So essentially, there will be hive ships flying all over the place. You have to know the precise route to take.
  • Once you are done with the Jumping puzzle, you can move on to the next Phase.
  • After reaching the platform, you will see two plates, one on the left and another on the right, and if you step on them, they will glow, and a platform will start to move. You have to unlock a giant doorway by standing on the plates. So naturally, two of your teammates should stay on the plate while the other member crosses the doorway.
  • But there is a catch, after reaching the end of this Puzzle, you can collect a secret chest that is located on the left side of the giant doorway. You should remember that the chest room only opens if there are two people standing on those plates.
  • After collecting the chest and heading to the next platform, you will see two identical plates, and now you have to stand there so the other two members that you have left behind can come.
  • Once all of the fire team members are together, and they have collected the secret chest, you can move on to the next encounter.

Totem Encounter

Image Source: Bungie
  • Once you are done with the Puzzle, you can continue forward and take a very violent hive elevator, and then finally, you will reach the second encounter.
  • The main objective here is to decrypt the different hive ruins on this massive door which will eventually open up and let you into the next encounter.
  • There are two separate rooms, one off to the right and the other off to the left. Both of them will have annihilator totems, and they will start to glow a very violent red color.
  • If someone isn’t standing near the totem, they will explode and wipe your team, but if you just normally walk in here to those totems, you’ll also die in this room.
  • You need to grab a floating orb that will give you a protective shield called “The Brand of the Weaver” for 30 seconds. This shield lets you stand in this room without dying.
  • You don’t have to be exactly below the totems. You can be in relatively close proximity and grab some ammo. As long as you are regularly passing by with the shield, you are fine. But if the shield runs out, you will instantly die.
  • While you have this buff, any kill you get is going to give you the death stinger’s power buff. Of course, you can stack those buffs by killing as many enemies as possible.
  • While you are there and collecting buff, your teammate must keep you alive when the timer runs out. They can kill the wizard that spawns in the middle, and it will spawn a yellow bar knight. After killing that knight, it will drop the orb that gives you “The Brand of the Weaver” buff.
  • After collecting the buff, they must run towards you, and there will be an option for transferring the buff. After the transfer is complete, they can repeat the process, again and again, to keep you alive.
  • Once you have collected enough death stingers buff, you can go to the middle platform, which will decrypt the main door’s code.
  • You may have to repeat this process several times to open the main door. You can make it faster by killing more enemies and depositing the death stingers buff more quickly.
  • Once you have decrypted the full code for the main door, it will open up, and you can move on to the subsequent encounter.

Warpriest Raid Boss Encounter

Image Source: Bungie
  • Upon entering this arena, you’ll notice that there are three different plates one is on the upper left, one is in the bottom middle, and one is over a little bit up to the right.
  • Since there are three plates, you need to split your team into three teams of two, each group covering one of these plates, and you start the encounter with all three plates having someone standing on them.
  • Once you start the ritual, a bunch of ads will spawn, and you must kill them all. After clearing the ads, a yellow bar wizards spawn. You need to kill them because doing so will spawn yellow bar knights.
  • When everyone kills their knights, you will notice the glyph reading sequence starting in the left corner of your screen.
  • Once the glyph reading sequence starts, you must stand on a plate to see the glowing pillar where the sequence will start.
  • It would be best to stand on the middle plate. If you see the left pillar glowing, it will start from the left. If the right pillar starts to glow, it will start from the right. But if none of those pillars glows, it will start from the middle. Since you are on the middle plate, you won’t be able to see the middle pillar.
  • Once you have figured out the sequence, get off the plates immediately, and one of your teammates should step on the plate you saw glowing. From their perspective, they need to figure out the following sequence.
  • For example, if you see the left pillar glowing, your teammates should step on the left plate and turn right. If they see the middle plate glowing, the following sequence will start from the middle. It will start from the right if they don’t see any glowing in the middle. So on and so forth.
  • After finding all three sequences, the Boss DPS phase will start. Now, you have to step on the plates in the right sequence, and one of the plates will have a big red sphere. This sphere will give you a new buff called the brand of the initiate, and it lets you do damage to the Boss.
  • So everyone should immediately go inside that bubble and deal damage as fast as possible because this bubble has a timer, and once it runs out, you can’t damage the Boss anymore.
  • To extend the timer of this bubble and the damage buff, you have to kill the yellow bar knight that spawned when you first stepped on the final plate. This knight will drop the brand claimer, and you need to grab it and head back to the bubble. Your teammates should do the same to extend the bubble timer even further.
  • Eventually, you will run out of time, and everything will start glowing white. When everything becomes white, you have to hide in the shadow of those glowing pillars. If you can’t hide behind the pillar, you will instantly die.
  • So Hide behind the pillar, then when it stops glowing, damage the Boss until it goes to the next Phase, then hide again until its turns back to normal. Rinse and repeat, and you will be able to kill the Boss eventually.
  • After killing the Boss, you can collect the rewards and move on to the next Puzzle.

Second Puzzle and Second Secret Chest

Image Source: Bungie

This Puzzle is a labyrinth where you must find the correct order to open a secret chest. This is the second secret chest for this Raid. There are five plates inside this labyrinth; you can open the secret chest after finding the correct order. You can follow these order:

  1. Bottom Right
  2. Top Left
  3. Bottom Left
  4. Middle Left
  5. Top Right

Golgoroth Raid Boss Encounter

Image Source: Bungie
  • After finishing the secret chest puzzle, You can move on to the next room, and you will notice a droplet of water in the center of the arena.
  • Shoot down the droplet, which will drop down on the floor, and Golgoroth will spawn. Eventually, his back will open, and another water droplet will spawn. Now you can deal damage to the back to take Gologorth’s gaze. 
  • Whoever did the most damage to his back will get the Gologorths gaze buff. Once you get the buff, Gologoroth will focus on you, and he will shoot some orbs at you.
  • When Gologorth focuses his gaze on you, someone else will be dealing damage on his back so he can take the next gaze.
  • While two players are shifting their gaze toward one another, the rest of the team member needs to shoot down the droplet that spawned when he opened his back.
  • After dealing enough damage to the droplet, it will drop and create a sphere where the rest of the team members should stand and deal damage to his stomach.
  • However, while you are dealing damage to his stomach, you will get a debuff called unstable light, and it will explode and kill all of your teammates when the timer runs out.
  • If you have that debuff, you have to run towards Golgoroth and stand beside him, and when you explode, you can deal damage to him.
  • You may need to repeat the process before killing the Golgoroth, so be careful with each step you take and remember that any wrong move can screw you and your team.

Third Puzzle and Third Secret Chest

Image Source: Bungie
  • Once you have killed the Golgoroth, get outside to this area, and you’re going to see platforms jutting out from the wall, but you’re also going to see triangle objects, and they will shoot out and send you flying across the map and instantly kill you.
  • You can activate them by getting close, and then they will shoot, and then you can jump over them or wait until they go back and then quickly jump before they go again.
  • After jumping and hovering through this platform, you will eventually run out of the platform, and you have to take out your ghost, revealing a hidden platform where you have to jump and move across the map.
  • Once you reach the middle of this jumping platform, you will notice a plate where you have to stand, revealing some hidden platform. Your teammates should hop on to them and go to the next plate so that you can cross the void.
  • Once you reach the end of this Puzzle, you can move on to the final room.

Daughters of Oryx Encounters

Image Source: Bungie
  • Once you have reached the final arena, you will notice two daughters of Oryx and a knight standing on a plate.
  • There is a total of 4 plates in this arena, two on the front and the other two on the back. You have to stand on this plate in a sequence that will reveal an orb.
  • The first sequence will always be the one where the knight is standing. Four of your teammates should take a plate while the other two can clear out the ads.
  • Once you have killed the knight, hop onto that plate, and someone will phase between dimensions. Then they have to jump from that platform and reach the light orb.
  • After completing this sequence two times, you must grab the orb the third time. Once you have grabbed the orb, run towards the daughter that is shooting at you. Go to her, and that orb will explode, exposing her when you and your teammates should kill her and repeat the same process for the second daughter.
  • However, If you kill the first daughter and cannot kill the second daughter in one go, you will instantly be wiped out and have to start from scratch.
  • So you can damage the first daughter until she is very low, then focus on the second daughter and kill her if you can. When the second daughter is dead, kill the first daughter. Since her health is low, you can pretty easily kill her.
  • Once you have killed both daughters, then you can go to the next Phase.

Oryx, The Taken King Final Boss Encounter

Image Source: Bungie
  • The last and final Boss is the taken King himself, The Oryx. The mechanics of this fight is pretty much the same as the daughter.
  • However, there won’t be any knights to start the sequences. Instead, Oryx will slam onto a puzzle, and the sequence will start from there.
  • The process is the same as before. Someone will be torn between dimensions and grab the orb. However, while yore grabbing the orb and cleaning ads, four Ogres will spawn beside each plate.
  • Kill these ogres as quickly as possible, and that will drop a black sphere. Once it drops the sphere, another yellow bar knight will spawn and try to destroy that orb, and if he succeeds, it will instantly wipe your team.
  • Kill that knight as quickly as possible. Once you have killed four ogres and four knights, another yellow bar knight will spawn in the middle who has a buff around him. You must kill that knight and steal his buff as quickly as possible.
  • Now, Once you get the buff from that knight, Go to those Oger spheres and detonate them. Once you have detonated all four of those spheres, run back to the middle where someone is holding that buff.
  • Oryx will stay in the middle, and his chest will be wide open where you can deal damage to him. Repeat the same process if you can’t kill him in one go. And You will be able to kill him eventually.
  • However, there are other mechanics you should keep in mind that, sometimes, Oryx will spawn a sphere and randomly teleport someone inside that sphere where you have to deal damage to his shade.
  • Once you have killed that shade, everyone will teleport back and repeat the first process again.

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So there you have it; these are the step-by-step guide to completing the Kings Fall Raid. Hopefully, this guide was helpful, and you have learned something new. You can also check out our other guides to help you take your Destiny 2 journey to the next level. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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