Demon’s Souls pre-order bonus leaked by store listing

PlayStation 5’s launch title, Demon’s Souls remastered will have pre-order bonus according to PlayStation listing.

It seems that the Demon’s Souls remaster for PS5 will have an interesting bonus for those who pre-order. Although now removed from the PlayStation website, the bonus is a new weapon called the Reaper Scythe. Furthermore, it was first posted on Reddit by user Cosmic Vagabond who pointed out the brief presence of this bonus on the PlayStation site.

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No details are given on how to get this Demon’s Souls pre-order. Whether it will be a digital-only bonus or will it apply to physical orders as well. Furthermore, this page was removed and no details were given about it either.

Source: reddit

The image states that an internet connection is required to redeem the bonus. Hence, we can be sure that physical disks will have a redeemable code.

People have been wanting a Demon’s Souls remake or remaster for a very long time. All the prayers have been answered with the Demon’s Souls remaster. That too is a launch title for the next-gen beast of Sony’s; PS5.

Even though, the bonus is nothing big it’s still a nice incentive to the die-hard fans who are pre-purchasing this masterpiece. For newcomers, the extra weapon will be a slightly higher incentive.

The gameplay looked perfect as it used to in the PS3 era, the graphics look fresh. Hoping for the best from Bluepoint Games in delivering Demon’s Souls.

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