Deathloop: The Spice Of Life – All Trophies and Achievements

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By Abir Hasan
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Who knew you could enjoy dying in Deathloop?

The name “Deathloop” feels exactly as it sounds: you are in a loop, and you can’t seem to stop dying. Arkane Lyon has made sure player deaths are common in the game, and boy, do we die a lot. No matter how good an assassin you may be, you are bound to die horrible deaths at the hands of the Visionaries before you complete the loop. While it may come as a nuisance, there is a way where you can turn these deaths into an art. The game rewards you with a trophy if you die in certain ways.

The Spice Of Life Trophy can be achieved if you experience some specific deaths. It will take several loops to encounter these particular deaths, and you will enjoy doing it. So, if you want to die in the wildest ways possible, you are in the right place. Without further ado, check out our guide on obtaining The Spice Of Life Trophy / Achievement in Deathloop.

List of all Trophy or Achievement in Spice Of Life: Deathloop

Deathloop: The Spice Of Life Trophy/ Achievement
Image Credit: Arkane Studios

In order to achieve the trophy, you will have to die in ten specific ways. While you may have already experienced a few of these deaths, there are some wild ones that you surely haven’t encountered yet. These deaths are place and time-specific, and you must carry out certain steps before performing the noble deed. Below is a table mentioning the locations, times, and the ways you need to die in to unlock The Spice Of Life Trophy-

Death TypeLocationTimeHow to
DepressurisationThe Complex AfternoonGet detected in the Wenjie’s Laboratory and stay there.
DrowningKarl’s Bay MorningLook for a deep water body and jump into it.
ExplosionKarl’s Bay MorningTrigger any explosive while standing close to it.
Falling Karl’s BayMorningClimb high buildings and keep jumping.
Ground UpUpdaamEveningJump into Aleksis’ Meat Ginder in Dorsey’s Manor.
Poisoned Karl’s BayMorningGet in contact with the poisonous gas found on the lower floor of Hanger 2.
Reactor ExplosionFristad Rock NoonEnter Fia’s bunker and get yourself spotted to initiate a meltdown.
Rocket BlastUpdaam NoonPower up and stand close to the Rocket Launch sequence during Condition Detachment.
Shot Karl’s Bay MorningGet shot by an Eternalist.
StabbedKarl’s Bay MorningGet stabbed by any melee-wielding Eternalist.

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