Deathloop: Release Date, Size and Platforms

After much delay, Deathloop is finally dropping.

Arkhane Studio’s time looping game is almost here after many delays due to Covid 19. With just a few hours from its release, we have answers to all of your questions today. Below we have made a complete guide on the release date, size of Deathloop upon release, and the platforms it will be coming on.

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Deathloop Release Date, Size and Platforms:

After being announced way back in 2019 E3, Deathloop is finally coming for all patient fans. The time looping game has been a game everyone has been looking forward to playing. It is coming out at 21:01 PT on September 13th, 00:01 ET, and 00:01 BST on September 14th for PC on Steam.

Fans can pre-order the game now on PS5 and PC to download the pre-load version, so you do not waste any time playing it. The download size of the death loop is going to be 29.984 GB on PS5 and around 30 GB on PC. The game is only available on two platforms for now due to its exclusivity deal with Sony. Despite Microsoft owning Bethesda, Deathloop will not be on Xbox or Xbox Game Pass as they had signed an agreement before Microsoft made it official with Bethesda.

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