Deathloop is delayed to Q2 of 2021

Arkane’s Deathloop is now part of the long list of delayed games of this year.

Deathloop, a first-person shooter being made by the studio that brought us the wonderful Dishonored games. First shown at the PlayStation 5 reveal event, the game is slated for the PC and PS5, although as a launch exclusive.

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Initially, Deathloop was supposed to release in early 2021. But, like so many games of this year, Arkane’s time-bending fps title Deathloop, is going to be delayed too. Unlike other games, this delay is a bit shorter. In fact, Deathloop will be now releasing in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

This news was given out by Deathloop official Twitter.

Deathloop has a very interesting theme and gameplay. You play as Colt, who finds himself trapped in a time loop, as he is tasked to carry out several assassins. At midnight, the time reverts back and only the player is aware of the phenomena. Taking gameplay inspirations from both Dishonored and Prey, you use different skills and approaches to take down your target. Leaving even a single person alive will reset the time. Additionally, the art style is also similar to both the games.

Furthermore, the game also features a multiplayer, where the players will alternately take the role of Julianna attempt to stop Colt’s mission and try to kill him. Of course, this will be optional and the role can be left to the CPU. Nevertheless, other players stopping you from your work will feel like a real-time and unscripted boss battle

Although the game is not much hyped within the community yet, we wait to see how the Arkane’s next title delivers. Their last entry Prey is an underrated gem, and so is Dishonored 2.

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