Deathloop: How to save the game

Here is how you can save your game in Deathloop.

Time looping games can be confusing yet fun to play. Confusing meaning a lot of players do not know how the to save system works in the game. To give you a clear answer and help you with keeping your progress conserved in Deathloop. Below we have made a complete guide on how you can save your game in Deathloop.

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How to save your game in Deathloop:

To give you a summary of the save status of Deathloop, you cannot manually save your game in Deathloop. However, the game does have an autosave which saves pretty often while fans are playing the game. The game saves whenever the player changes their loadout, enters a new level, during a cut scene and anytime your character opens the door and enters the tunnel system. Force quitting the game could be a helpful loophole so that you don’t lose your progress and start again from your last auto-saved area.

Since if you die in Deathloop, your character loses pretty much everything, and you have to start from the beginning. Following that, developers have already added an item with which you can counter losing all your progress. Fans can use Residuum to save any items or weapons so that they are not lost even if they die. Although this only brings back your items and weapons, which means you will still have to play the entire story again.

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