Deathloop: How to Find and Assassinate Harriet

Here is how you can assassinate Harriet.

Assassinating targets in Deathloop can be challenging at times. Harriet will be one of the many visionaries you will go after in Deathloop. However, it can be tough to kill her if you cannot figure out how to access Karl’s Bay. So we have made a complete guide on how you can find and assassinate Harriet in Deathloop.

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How to Find and Assassinate Harriet in Deathloop:

Harriet is one among many others of the AEON visionaries who are in charge of Blackreef. You can find Harriet inside Hangar 2 in Karl’s Bay. Although getting inside this Hangar is the real challenge rather than killing her. Players can do this assassination two ways, one would be going all guns blazing, and the other would be stealth. Moreover, in this guide, we will be focusing on going all guns blazing since stealth can be a bit boring sometimes.

To get access inside Hangar 2, head over to Hangar 1. After you are inside Hangar 1, go to the second floor facing Hangar 2. You will see a pathway that will lead to Hangar 2, so use it to get inside Hangar 2. As you get inside Hangar 2, you will hear Harriet talking with Amador. Furthermore, after she starts using the poison gas, make your move.

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While she starts using the poison, you should get to the opposite walkway without getting detected and taking out any enemy without any noise. After you do that, jump to Harriet’s office using the wall-mounted aircraft that Harriet is inside. There are laser mines that you can take out with a well-thrown grenade. If you go inside without breaking these, you will still take damage, so it’s better to take these out.

After you get inside her office, take cover beside the big box and wait for her to attack and take her out. Make sure you loot her as looting her will give you a hand cannon and nexus slap. Both are very useful and can come in handy later in the game.

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