Dead Space Remake: Best Ways To Get More Ammo

Ammo is one of the essential items to eliminate Necromorphs in Dead Space Remake. This guide will show you the best ways to get more Ammo.

Action and horror video game Dead Space Remake is set in the 26th century. You’ll encounter the lonely, dark realm of Aegis VII in this game. One of the game’s primary characters is Isaac Clarke, and a few other characters are mentioned as his crew on their starship. Issac receives a call from Ishimura saying that creatures have injured numerous people, so he travels to assist them and unravel the location’s mysteries.

Players will have to combat numerous dangerous Necromorph, the creatures that hurt people in Aegis VII. Every stage of the game is tense and drawn out. You will need a lot of Credits, also known as in-game Money, and lots of Ammo, along with other resources for survival.

You will get Ammo with some steps. Ammo, gears, and weapons are the main things to survive on the deadly planet of Aegis VII. In that game, you will have to face creatures, and they will attack you if you don’t have proper security.

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Best Ways To Get More Ammo

To get more Ammo, you may follow the steps below:


You can purchase Ammo and other gear in the game’s shop with Credits. Eaern as many Credits as possible, and it will be helpful for you to buy resources with it.

Get the Items and Sell the Ammo

There is another way to get more Ammo; for that part, you will need to get the items below:

  • Line Gun or Pulse Rifle
  • 5000 Credits
  • 7 Nodes

When you have all these, make fire mines using all your Ammo. After that, click the Square icon on the screen and drop all the Ammo you got with yourself.

After that, visit Bench and buy Capacity Upgrades with the remaining Credits. And you will get new loads of Ammo and sell the pile of Ammo that you dropped earlier.

In this way, you can get more Ammo in Dead Space Remake.

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