Dead Space Remake: Best Ways To Get Money Fast

Money or Credits in Dead Space Remake help you purchase surviving items, gears, and weapons for your whole journey there in USG Ishimura. This guide will show you the best ways to get Money fast.

Dead Space Remake is an action and horror game set in the 26th Century. In this game, you will face the dark and silent world of Aegis VII. Issac Clarke is one of the game’s main characters, and some other characters are noted as his crew members in their spaceship. Issac hears a call from Ishimura here, several people were hurt by creatures, and Issac goes there to help themselves and open up the mystery about that place.

Players will face a lot of deadly Necromorph, the creatures hurting people in Aegis VII, and you will have to defeat them. The game is long and suspenseful at every step. You will feel the excitement running through your fingers while playing this game. There will be resources and Money that you have to collect to survive in USG Ishimura.

Money in this game is known as Credits. You will have to earn as much as Credits as possible. These credits will help you buy various items, ammo, shields, and more! Credits are a great way to keep on surviving in this game.

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Best Ways To Get Money Fast

To earn Money or Credits fast in Dead Space Remake, you may follow the steps below:

Open Security Clearance Doors

While exploring the Dead Space Remake world, you will find a lot of Security Clearance Doors. If you can try to open them, you will surely get Money in return as a reward.

Sell Semiconductors

You will find different Semiconductors in the USG Ishimura while you explore. With these Semiconductors, you will earn the most Credits or Money.

There are various types of Semiconductors, such as;

  • Bronze Semicondutor: 2000
  • Diamond Semicondutor: 25000
  • Ruby Semicondutor: 10000
  • Gold Semicondutor: 3000

Find and sell these Semiconductors, and you will earn a lot of Money.

Destroy Intensity Director

You can automatically turn on the Intensity Director whenever you continuously enter or leave a room. This Intensity Director is the spawn of getting more creatures. You can kill the creatures in rooms and earn a fantastic amount of Money.

In these ways, you can earn Money in Dead Space Remake.

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