Dead Cells is now available on Android devices

Dead Cells is an action and adventure-based Metroidvania game that is now available on Android devices.

Dead Cells developed and published by Motion Twin. The game was initially released for Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox on August 7, 2018. Then after a year, iOS version released by Playdigious on August 28, 2019. And now it’s also available to download on Google Play Store from June 3, 2020.

Image Via Motion Twin

Dead cells portrayed as roguevania, a merging of roguelike action, and adventurous video games. In this game, the player monitors a group of cells that hold and control the body of a dead prisoner at the start of each level.

The players have to search a series of dungeons and fight the enemy within it and collect weapons, skins, abilities, power-ups, and money. The enemies drop their cells after their defeat. And the players have to collect the cells and use them to increase their power after the end of each level. However, if the player dies before completing the level all the collected cells will be lost. But, the players can play the game at their own pace.

The game is now available on Google Play Store with a special 10% discount for its launch on Android devices.


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