Dead By Daylight: How to Get Bloodpoints Fast in 2022

Blood points in Dead by Daylight is an important aspect of the game. This guide reveals, how to unlock and get these Bloodpoints in Dead by Daylight fast.

Both Killers and Survivors rely on their different abilities, perks, upgrades, etc., to win. To unlock them in the Bloodweb, you need to spend Blood points. Hence, Bloodpoints are currency to obtain perks and get the best builds for your Survivors and Killers.

Both Survivors and Killers need Bloodpoints, and both unlock Bloodpoints in very different methods and paces. Here we take you through the know-hows to get Bloodpoints fast in Dead by Daylight for both sides.

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Best ways to get Bloodpoints as Killer

Playing with Killers generally earns more Bloodpoints than Survivors. Thanks to perks that boost Bloodpoint rewards and access to easy Bloodpoint reward tasks.

To earn Bloodpoints in large amounts, your build should contain the following perks for the best and fast results.

  • Barbecue & Chili: This perk grants you a 25% bonus to whatever Bloodpoint you earn, every time you hook a Survivor for the first time. Furthermore, this perk can also be stacked till 100%. The only downside is that this perk belong to Cannibal at level 35, A DLC character. Unless you are ready to spend real money, you can wait out for it to appear in the Shrine of Secrets.
  • Distressing: Not only it increases your terror radius significantly, you also gain 100% more Bloodpoints for completing Deviousness actions. With this you will see your Bloodpoint stacking quite quickly since everything is doubled.
  • Hex: Thrill of the Hunt: This perk gives you multiplte advanatages over your opponents. One of which is a 10% bonus in Bloodpoint rewards for completing Hunter type actions, for each token. You gain tokens for each Dull and Hex Totems when this perk is active.

Apart from perks, you can also farm Bloodpoints for Killers in various other ways. Such as equipping Add-ons and completing actions. Actions you should be doing to gain fast Bloodpoints are:

  • Hitting a Survivor– 300 BP
  • No Survivors escapes a Trial– 2500 BP
  • Survivors caught in a Bear Trap– 1000 BP
  • Survivor hit with the Chainsaw– 850
  • Survivor hooked from the 1st till the 3rd time– 500 BP
  • Caught a Survivor exiting lockers– 600 BP
  • A Survivor disconnected from a Trial650 BP
  • Using Shred on a Survivor as Demogorgon– 800 BP
  • Victor downs a Survivor- 850 BP
  • A Survivor is successfully latched onto by Victor – 650 BP
  • Chased a Survivor– 10/2 BP per second
  • Started chasing a Survivor– 400/200 BP
  • Damaged a Generator – 100 BP
  • Destroyed a Breakable Wall or Pallet– 100 BP

Finally, avoid camping near Hooked Survivors as it will result in you losing points for the Emblems.

Best ways to get Bloodpoints as Survivor

Although not on the same level, Survivors can still earn a lot of Blood points, especially after a trial ends through completing actions. You can also boost your Bloodpoints earned by a great margin using Perks.

The best perks to do this are:

  • No One Left Behind: This perk grants you a 50/75 or 100% bonus Bloodpoints for completing Altruism actions.
  • Prove Thyself: Apart from increasing Generator repair speed, this perk also increases Bloodpoints earned for cooperative actions by atleast 50% till 100%.
  • We’re Gonna Live Forever: This perk grants a lot of bonuses, such as a 100% healing speed when healing a dying ally, Tokens for various actions such as Safe Hook Rescue, Blinding Killers. Additionally, it also grants a 25% bonus in earning BPs which is stackable too.

Apart from perks, use add-ons that boost BPs or allow to perform BP earning actions better. You’ll also earn BPs if you get sacrificed with your first hook.

Survivors actions that grant Bloodpoints are:

  • Fully reparing a Generator- 1250 BP
  • Opening a Exit Gate- 1250 BP
  • Successfully snapping out of Madness Tier III- 1000 BP
  • Struggling against The Entity during the last 60s of Hooked – 900 BP
  • Wiggling while carried- 1200 BP / 25 BP per second
  • Healing a Survivor- 500 BP
  • Heal a Survivor after all Generators repaired /during Endgame Collapse- 700BP
  • Rescue a Survivor from being hooked- 1000 BP
  • Rescue a Survivor after all Generators repaired /during Endgame Collapse- 1500BP
  • Stunning a Killer carrying a Survivor- 1250 BP
  • Unhooking a Survivor during Endgame Collapse- 2000 BP
  • Sealing a Demogorgon Portal- 1500 BP
  • Stunning a Killer– 1000 BP

If you regularly complete these tasks at the end of each trial. You’ll reward yourself with a good emblem and score and earn a huge load of Blood points.

You can also burn Offerings at the start to gain Blood points too. The best ones are Bloody Party Streamers, The Escape Cake, Fragrant Bog, and Fragrant Primrose Blossom.

Other ways to look out for

Apart from these, both Survivors and Killers can unlock more Bloodpoints fast in Dead by Daylight by completing minor challenges. These challenges are located in The Archives.

Moreover, playing multiplayer with friends can help you efficiently farm Blood points. So always play with friends for the best results. Also, keep your eyes on redeemable codes and events that give huge amounts of Blood points to players.

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