Dead by Daylight Codes (November 2022): Free Bloodpoints and Charms

Dead by Daylight has an in-game currency called Bloodpoints. In this guide, we will showcase all working codes for Bloodpoint and Charms. We will also show an intuitive guide on how to redeem them on all platforms.

Dead by Daylight, developed by Behaviour Interactive, is a multiplayer asymmetric survival horror video game. It has been the top contender in this specific genre on steam, Xbox, and PlayStation since 2016 and has become a dream come true for most horror genre fans.

Bloodpoint is the key to unlocking all the builds possible for each survivor and killer character. It is used to buy customizable items and upgrades for your favorite characters. The main way of gaining Bloodpoints is by playing a match either as a killer or a survivor.

There are also in-game special events where you get a Bloodpoint boost. Twitch drops, free goodies, and Bloodpoint code giveaways happen throughout the year.

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First, we shall take a look at all the codes available for Bloodpoints and Charms. Then we will guide you on how to redeem them in Dead by Daylight.

DBD Codes (November 2022)

Active Codes

  • WINNERWINNER – PUBG Frying Pan Charm
  • WARRIORPUPPERS – Puppers Charm

Permanent Codes

  • PRIDE – Rainbow flag charm
  • NICE – 69 Bloodpoints

These codes will never expire, and more will be added to the game. We will also keep an eye on updates regarding new codes.

How to Redeem Codes in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Launching
Credits: Behavior Interactive
  • Start Dead by Daylight from your system.
Dead by Daylight Main Menu
Credits: Behavior Interactive
  • Wait for the game to load into the main menu interface
  • You will see six options available on the main menu interface.
  • Click on the store option located at the right bottom of the screen.
Dead by Daylight Store Menu
Credits: Behavior Interactive
  • Head over to the top right corner of the screen.
  • Look for the “Redeem Code” button as highligted in the above figure.
  • Clicking on it will give you an interface to type the code like the figure below.
Redeem Code Interface
Credits: Behavior Interactive
  • You can copy the codes from the list above or type it with your keyboard
  • If you are on consoles an onscreen keyboard will appear for typing

Expired Codes in Dead by Daylight

CodeRedeem to get
VK130UP130K Bloodpoints
59th3959K Bloodpoints
INSERTCOINArcade Machine Charm
REVEALED100K Bloodpoints
DECIPHERSTRIKE150k Bloodpoints
EASYASABC150k Bloodpoints
CIPHERSALAD150k Bloodpoints
liveordieSaw Blade Spiral Charm
FORHONORFor Honor’s Charm
NOTATRICK100K Bloodpoints
DWIGHTCROWDwight Crow Charm
RSELF100K Bloodpoints
SCARYGOOD100K Bloodpoints
HALLOWHOOPS1031 Bloodpoints
SCREAMSTREAM100K Bloodpoints
DBDDAYJP2021202,100 Bloodpoints
BOOPCosmetic for Meg Thomas
HISSANDHERSTwo Greek Collection Charms
AUSOMECosmetic for The Wraith & David
GOLDENBROSCosmetic for The Wraith & David
BETTERTHANONECosmetic for The Wraith & David
PieceofcakeTwo charms
RANKROULETTE250k Bloodpoints
KodomonoHi202160k Bloodpoints
TWITTERLORGE100K Bloodpoints
midorinohi202150k Bloodpoints
BULLSHIRTCosmetic for Adam Francis
DJC2021100k Bloodpoints
happygoldenweek202130k Bloodpoints
MNOGOCosmetic for The Legion

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