Davidp thinks G2’s Valorant Roster is lacking a proper IGL

Since the completion of First Strike, the European powerhouse G2 has been struggling to regain posture. The team’s Ex-IGL, David “Davidp” Prins, strongly believes that the team requires an actual IGL to get back on its feet. 

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After failing to secure a spot on the upcoming VALORANT Masters event, G2 is receiving heavy criticism from the VALORANT community. Yesterday’s loss against DfuseTeam was a huge disappointment for the organization. On the other hand, DfuseTeam’s victory again proved the unpredictability of the professional VALORANT scene in Europe. 

First Strike was eventful with drama & heartbreaks. Team Heretics gave a huge reality check to pretty much every European giant. G2’s early departure from the event concluded with the exclusion of Davidp from the roster. Now, amidst all the disarrays, Davidp’s recent Tweet explains the primary reason behind such disappointing results of G2. 

A proper IGL would fit nicely into G2’s current roster. The recent addition of  Aleksander “zeek” Zygmunt added some firepower to the team, but the lack of a dedicated IGL was clear during their match against DfuseTeam. Before the First Strike, paTiTek, m1xwell, pyth & ardiis sealed their names in the professional VALORANT scene in Europe. Any decent addition to the team will only strengthen & diversify their ability to work better as a squad. Even the newcomer “zeek” also performed extremely well throughout their run at the VALORANT Challengers event. 

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One important thing to remember is that, even when G2 was absolutely steamrolling through the Ignitions Series events, Davidp acted as a temporary IGL for the team. So, in theory, G2’s VALORANT roster never had a dedicated IGL. If the organization really wants to make a comeback, acknowledging David’s advice would be the very first step in the right direction.   

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