David Beckham’s Guild Esports announces Valorant roster for the European region

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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image via: RIOT & Guild Esports

David Beckham’s venture into Esports is taking off smoothly as his organization just announced its entry into the professional Valorant scene.

With the ambition of setting up a Valorant roster, Guild Esports recently acquired “Bonk”, a top tier Valorant team in Europe. Guild Esport’s entry into Valorant is backed by seasoned CSGO and Paladin players.

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The Valorant Esports scene is accelerating with absolute speed as Esports Organizations from different regions are pouring in heavy investments. Esports analysts have anticipated an announcement from Guild Esports right after they secured a $3.6 Million deal from an unknown company. In the midst of all anticipations, Guild Esports revealed their Valorant roster on October 21, 2020.

Guild Esports Valorant Roster:

Yacine ‘Yacine’ Laghmari

William ‘draken’ Sundin

Filip ‘Goffe’ Gauffin

Malkolm ‘bonkar’ Rench

Leo ‘Ziz’ Janneson

Mostly consisting of Swedish CSGO pros with broad experiences in competitive gaming, Guild Esports is looking for a kickstart in the professional Valorant scene. Both Draken and Yacine are capable players with huge CSGO proficiency. The addition of 16-year-old prodigy Leo ‘Ziz’ Janneson and Paladins World Cup champion Malkolm ‘bonkar’ Rench lengthens the roster’s area of expertise beyond just CSGO. 

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European Valorant scene is undoubtedly dense as it’s the home to professional teams like G2 Esports, Team Liquid, and FPX. Newly formed Guild Esport’s Valorant roster is yet to face such adversaries on major tournaments. The London based Esports organization has many things to demonstrate during the upcoming First Strike Valorant Tournament. 

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