Data Miner Speclizer Discovers Hidden Battle Royale Assets in The Last of Us Part 2

Data miner and YouTuber Speclizer has revealed the unused multiplayer assets found in The Last of Us Part 2 that could potentially hint at a Battle Royale.

Data miner Speclizer uploaded a video on their YouTube channel which unearthed some of the unused multiplayer assets that were hidden in The Last of Us Part 2. Some of those assets include maps, dogs, a possible Battle Royale mode, and more. Previously, Speclizer discovered a bug in the game that allows Abby to catch up to Tommy and kill him. Moreover, he also found a bug that lets Abby kill Bear the dog with an explosive instead of playing fetch with it.

Since The Last of Us had a multiplayer mode called Factions, fans have been looking forward to enjoying Factions 2 in The Last of Us Part 2. However, Naughty Dog called the inclusion of a multiplayer mode alongside its single-player storyline campaign to be too ambitious. Although this did not affect its sales as the game sold over 4 million copies worldwide. Moreover, Naughty Dog did not make any official announcements regarding the multiplayer campaign as of yet.

In Speclizer’s video, we get to see a map prop that is used in Multiplayer modes. Given the large size of the map, it could very well be used for a Battle Royale mode. Moreover, the names on the map suggest that multiple locations from the single-player campaign had been merged together to create one single map. Some notable locations included the Port of Callamito, Adler Plaza, and more.

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Accessories, Armours and More

Furthermore, Speclizer also unearthed a red object called the “Listen-Mode-Device”. It is speculated that the device is required for using Listen Mode in Multiplayer. In addition, Speclizer also found an object named Collar, which closely resembles a dog collar. This potentially hints at the inclusion of dogs in The Last of Us Part 2’s multiplayer campaign. Lastly, an object called Handheld TV was also discovered, but its use or purpose are unknown.

In the end, Speclizer also listed a bunch of Backpack and Armour models that they weren’t able to restore. However, there were other things they found what was not included in the video. Such as a player count, compass and an emote wheel script. The YouTuber stated:

“Didn’t mention it in the video but in the development footage, there’s a compass and a player count which is usually only used in battle royales. Oh and there’s also an emote wheel script. I’m really looking forward to factions 2, I don’t think a battle royale mode would be a bad addition to the game!”

Watch the video here:

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