Data miner finds possible Voice lines of the upcoming two new champions in League file

Voice lines of the upcoming two new champions: “the masked champion” and likely to be “Lilia” has been leaked by a data miner.

A couple of weeks ago, Riot Games revealed the 2020 Champion Roadmap where they introduced three new champions. Among the three champions, there was a dreamy jungler, a masked assassin, and thrill-seeking marksman.

They also announced that they are going to reveal the dreamy jungler and the masked assassin in the big summer event coming next month, and the marksman is coming out later this year. But apparently its seems like, a data miner has already found the possible Voice lines of the dreamy jungler and masked champion.

Data miner named Comrade, tweeted out saying that after data mining League’s game files he has found some new voice lines.

First voice line: “They took your home LILIA, do not forget this loss, let it course through you.”

Second voice line: “Oh lost spirits beckoning to bloom, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Since Riot will introduce the dreamy jungler and the masked assassin at the same time, the voice that can be heard from the leaked file is likely to be the voice of the masked champion.

In the “They took your home LILIA,” line the masked champion is very likely interacting with the dreamy jungler and addressing her as “Lilia”.

In the Reddit post, few players have also tested out the League file where they also found similar voice lines.

Based on the data mined voice lines, the dreamy jungler will be called “Lilia” or “Lily” although the name of the masked champion is still unknown. However, all the League of Legends players will soon figure if the leak is true or not in the upcoming summer event.

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