Cyberpunk 2077: Best Quickhacks

Rafeed Sultan
By Rafeed Sultan
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Without ever drawing a weapon, have you ever thought of being a threat to your Opponents? These Top 7 Quicks have got you covered.

Cyberpunk 2077, released by CD PROJEKT RED, has many unique and fun things to do. Moreover, it brings you a variety of weapon and crafting systems that you can explore in this dystopian Night city.

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In Cyberpunk, Quickhacks are a vital gameplay element that disorients and attacks your enemies. Moreover, they are nothing but Special abilities that you can add to V’s Cyberdecks, providing extra advantages and making the game easier. Usually, V can use every enemy’s cyberware and hack them into submission.

The right quick hack will utterly trivialize combat, turning deadly standoffs into a simple matter of points while you watch your enemies burst into flames from nothing.
Here’s a guide to the best Quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077

Top 7 Quickhacks

The list below explains seven of the best Quick hacks in the game in descending order:

7. Memory Wipe

Starting off the list with Memory Wipe, where the name speaks for itself. This is not a deadly quick hack but a significantly impacting covert quick hack. It helps you to escape from sticky situations when enemies are pursuing you.

The selected targets will have a memory lapse and forget that they were in a combative state. Therefore, this allows you to get into stealth if enemies surround you.

The rare version of Memory Wipe can be found at Netrunner Vendors in Coastview, Japantown, and Vista Del Rey, and the epic version in Netrunner, Vista Del Rey

6. Detonate Grenade

This brings havoc for the enemies as they must always be alert, waiting for the grenade to detonate. The legendary version can reduce the RAM of your next Ultimate Quickhack if you kill an enemy with the detonation. Moreover, you need a Hacker Overlord Perk to craft the Epic Version. However, Bartmoss Legacy Perk to craft it, you want the legendary version.

5. Short Circuit

It is a very combat-oriented quick hack. The target enemy will be electrocuted, messing with their Cyberware. As a matter of fact, this will cause electrical damage to the enemy.
Interestingly, the higher the rarity, the more enemies it will hit and the more damage it will do.

The versions can be found in the following:

– Uncommon Vendor at Netrunner Vendor
– Rare Vendor – Coastview, Japantown, Vista Del Rey, and Little China
– Epic one is in Kabuki
– Legendary one is found by hacking access points

4. Reboot Optics

The covert quick hack works with your cyberdeck, allowing you to disable your target’s cyberware, making them blind. The more the rarity of the card, the longer the effects last. Moreover, it Increases the number of targets that the effect works on. While the targets are blind, you can either get some attacks in or use stealth and hide.

You can find the different versions in:

– The Uncommon version can be found at all net runner Vendors.
– The Rare version is at the Ripperdoc in West Wind Estate.
– The Epic version is found in Coastview at the Netrunner vendor

3. Breach Protocol

The quick hack is pre-installed on all Cyberdecks. What this does is that it allows you to hack into a local network and upload Daemons. Then, these will do real damage multiple times.

You can obtain the legendary version if you acquire the Bartmos legacy perk, then you can craft it.

2. Cyberpsychosis

This perk causes the target to enter psychosis mode, making it difficult for them to comprehend who is their friend and who is a foe. The target will die if there are no enemies in the surroundings. You must obtain a perk hacker overlord to create this quick hack.

You can find the legendary version; you need to obtain the perk Bartmos Legacy, and then you can craft.

1. Suicide

Suicide tops the list because of its name, and so does it, proving its point by making the target commit suicide. This makes it an instant kill-quick hack.

If you find a legendary version that requires Bartmoss Legacy Perk, you can use that quick hack to lower the amount of RAM of your next Ultimate Quickhack. Furthermore, it requires crafting.

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Rafeed Sultan is a Guide writer at GameRiv.