Cult of the Lamb: All Best Curses

Cult of the Lamb features a magic-like attack system called curses. There are quite a few curses in the game. Here is everything you need to know about curses in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb mixes the rouge-lite genre with a management simulator. Here, we play as a lamb, that resurrected a demon. Now, your mission is to make a cult and summon the demon onto your world.

The management sim and rouge-lite mixture make the game unique from other games. The combat is like a typical rouge lite game. But when you are not in combat, you take care of your base and your followers. As your base grows, you unlock new items and attacks to use.

Cult of the Lamb mainly has two types of attack. One is a weapon attack, and the other is curses. Curses function as your secondary attack in the game. There are a lot of curses you can unlock here. So we have listed all the curses you can find in the game and then give you a list of the top five curses you can use on your run.

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All Curses in Cult of the Lamb

There are a total of 25 curses in Cult of the Lamb. Among these 25 curse abilities, 10 of them are unlocked at the start of the game. Rest, you need to unlock through upgrading the leader’s ability through temple alter. Playing the game will earn points and currency that you can use to unlock those.

Here is a list of all 25 curses you can find in Cult of the Lamb:

Curse NameEffect
MaelstromSummons Tentacles to strike in four directions.
Cleansing FireShoots three projectiles at once.
Call of the CrownShoots a projectile that possesses the enemy on hit.
Death’s SweepDevastating melee attack. Can be charged to increase its power.
Death’s DisregardDevastating melee attack. Also deflects projectiles.
Death’s SquallDevastating melee attack. Freezes enemies on hit.
Death’s AttendantDevastating melee attack. Also, summon ghosts to attack enemies.
Oath of the CrownDevastating melee attack. Has a chance to possess impacted enemies.
Divine BlastKnock back enemies within range and damages them.
Divine BlizzardKnock back enemies and freezes them.
Divine BlightKnock back enemies and poison them.
Divine GuardianGains invincibility for 2 seconds. Also, deflect projectiles causing damage.
Divine ForceLocks enemy into place for a short period of time.
Flaming ShotShoots a fire bolt that pierces through enemies. Charge to make it explode.
Ichor ThrownShoots a projectile that spreads black Ichor where it lands.
Ichor of ConsumingBlack Ichor spreads further.
Hounds of FateShoots a few projectiles that track enemies.
Passage of the MarinerAn eruption of far-reaching tentacles.
Point of CorruptionShoots an explosive projectile.
Path of the RighteousShoots a projectile that creates a trail of black Ichor.
Touch of IthaquaAn eruption of ice pillars. Freezes enemies on hit.
Touch of TuruaA violent eruption of powerful tentacles.
Touch of the RevenantTears open the earth to release a horde of ghosts. Targets nearby enemies.
Trail BlazedShoots projectiles in both forward and backward directions.
Strike of the CrownShoots a fierce projectile. Has a chance to possess enemies on hit.

Top 5 Best Curses in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb has you start with 10 different curse powers. To unlock more, you need to spend skill points to upgrade the cult leader. As you upgrade the leader, new curses will unlock. So if you don’t have a curse you want, chances are, you need to upgrade the leader more to unlock it.

Since Cult of the Lamb features so many curse abilities, it is expected that some would be better than others. But some very powerful curses stand out from the rest. Here are the top 5 best curses you can use in Cult of the Lamb:

5. Death’s Attendant

Death’s Attendant is a very versatile curse to have. It does a melee attack which, if hit, deals a lot of damage. And on top of that, it summons some ghosts that target enemies. The ghosts are still summoned even if you don’t hit anyone. So you can use it as a melee or ranged ability.

4. Hounds of Fate

Hound of Fate fires some homing projectiles. That means the attack will never miss. It is a great ranged ability to use in normal combat or in the boss fight. Since it is a homing ability, you can always be sure to get some damage out of the ability, especially in the boss fights.

3. Path of the Righteous

Path of the Righteous shoots a projectile that spreads Ichor. The Ichor deals a decent amount of damage. It is a great ability to use if you are fighting a lot of enemies at once or slow-moving enemies. Being inside the ichor field means the enemies will take a lot more damage. But there is some skill involved in using this curse.

2. Maelstrom

Why summon one tentacle when you can summon four at once? That’s right; this ability summons four tentacles in four directions creating a + shape. The ability deals a lot of damage too.

The “+” shape covers a lot of areas. And the damage is good for taking out larger or boss-type enemies. So it is a great ability to have for any kind of encounter.

1. Divine Guardian

Divine Guardian might be the most broken curse ability in Cult of the Lamb. It grants the player invisibility for 2 seconds. You can use this time to heal up or deal with damage yourself without worrying about taking any damage. Another use case would be avoiding heavy-hitting attacks from the bosses.

While using this ability, any projectile that hits will reflect back to the enemies and hit them. So this is a broken ability to use. A well-timed use of the skill can save your whole run or turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

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