CSGO’s average player count has reached an unprecedented peak of all time

This is a new record

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most popular game in the steam right now. CSGO’s average player count has reached over 500k. This set a huge record for all-time for steam.

Counter strike has seen a lot of players since the game became basically free to play. Even Recently the game had a concurrent player count of 800K. After Valve released the new operation Shattered Web last year the game has seen a bit of resurgence.

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CSGO's avg player count
CSGO’s avg player count

New Operation Shattered Web

The new operation and the game becoming free to play has made a huge impact in the games avg concurrent player base. The game is now free to play so more players got into the game because there was no barrier to entry now.

Another factor is that the new operation has some weekly and daily challenges. This gave players a new incentive to go out there one more time grind the game to their heart’s content.

Ever since the rise of the battle royale genre, the gaming landscape has completely changed. With new concepts like games as a service has risen to prominence with games like Fortnite.

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Players expectation with what a live service game can do has changed. With these expectations Valve has made some new content and gave incentive to the OG players to go back to the father of all FPS. And they were right to do so as avg player count is now at all-time high even for other games in the Steam Library.

Counter-Strike right now is a well oil machine and has no indication of slowing down any time soon. Hope Valve can keep up with the demands in this day and age.

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