CSGO’s agent skin became a death sentence for all colorblind players

Colorblind gamers unite

With the launch of operation Shattered Webs in CSGO valve introduced us with the concept of agent skins.

Even though at the beginning the players complained about the visibility problem that occurred with those skins, Valve quickly made some patches to those character skins. Even after all that the main demographic who are still suffering are colorblind people.

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Reddit user csgopleasehelp decided to make some awareness for gamers with colorblindness. In a Reddit post, he talked about how these new agent skins drove one of his friends to quit CSGO. Even though his friend played the game consistently for almost five years, this is truly sad.

my colour blind friend quit the game after almost 5 years of playing due to the agent skins. This is our last resort. Here is what we think could solve the agent skin problem for the colour blind player-base


His friend mainly suffered from deuteranomaly which is the term for red-green colorblindness. You can read about this here. Here are some images that portray what this type of colorblindness appears to the sufferer.

Possible solution

Although it is understandable that it’s simply not realistic to add an option to disable all custom models in csgo. Simply changing the color hues based on the map is not realistic because that calls for a big change in the overall color scheme of the skin.

So, csgopleasehelp simply asked for a very minor adjustment. At first, we need to understand why these models are causing a problem for color blind players in the first place.

Take a look at the IDF model on Dust 2: 

colorblind CSGO

As explained in the image, the model appears difficult to identify for red-green colorblind players. However, due to the black cloth that surrounds the model’s neck, and shadow under the beret, this black color helps a TON in identifying this player model due to the crucial contrast it creates. If it weren’t for this bit of cloth, the IDF model would be a tough model to identify for colorblind players. This approach is consistent with other original models on csgo’s release and is why you didn’t see colorblind players complain about visibility in csgo until now.

However, let’s look at one of the washed-out green models, also on dust 2 – take a look at this screenshot: 

dust 2

If you struggled to find him, imagine what it must be like for a red-green colorblind player. here is the player if you couldn’t find him.

To resolve this issue, the proposed solution is to add a very similar black contrasting cloth texture to the player’s neck and helmet area, to help the model be more visible:

colorblind solution

THERE’S ANOTHER HIDDEN MODEL IN THIS IMAGE that is really hard to notice!

While most of us normal sighted gamers can probably make him out fairly easily, but for colorblind gamers, it is almost impossible to locate the enemy in this image at all. Let’s add some kind of minor identifier and see how much of a difference it can make.  

Just a little bit of contrasting, strong solid black on the neck and the head area can make so much difference. It makes us really optimistic that this can be implemented because it’s such a minor addition and does not include outright adding a disable button for the models.

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While this solution provided by csgopleasehelp might not be all and end all for colorblind folks, it would be a step in the right direction.


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