CSGO: Overpass and Inferno Workshop Map Updates incoming

Two of the workshop maps of CS:GO got updated. But, these are only for deathmatch, classic casual, and classic competitive modes.

Previously, Inferno was officially revamped in the October 13, 2016 update. This version of the map features widened pathways, drastically improved visibility and brightness level and the developers replaced the car in banana with a couple of barrels. However, the overall layout remains almost unchanged.

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On the other hand, Overpass did not go through any major changes after the changes that were made because of Fnatic‘s three men boost against LDLC in DreamHack 2014. It received small updates slowly overtime.

Is This Update Really a Step Towards Source 2?

The new updates made the community wondering about the official changes which are yet to be declared. Some members of the community think that it will be some minor changes while others believe there will be a new operation dropping soon.

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Since the developers didn’t make a major change to the game for a long time, this might be the update the community is patiently waiting for alongside the “Source Engine 2”.

The official maps have not been changed yet. It seems, no one can say for sure what do the developers have in the bag for us as a Christmas present.

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