CSGO org MIBR releases Fer, TACO, and Dead

The recent scandal in CSGO which banned MIBR Coach Dead from participating in future CS:GO event as he was caught exploiting a bug in a tournament. Following the event, MIBR also released Fer and TACO from their active CS:GO roster. MIBR’s decision to drop Fer and TACO from their CS:GO roster has shocked the entire CS:GO scene. MIBR fans are still unable to accept the fact that the MIBR has taken such a harsh step.

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Statement from MIBR

The latest statement from MIBR confirmed the release of these two ace players along with their coach. After the Coaching Bug scandal, MIBR didn’t rush to any conclusion about Dead but it seems they are determined to get rid of all the dramas surrounding them. Clearly, the Brazilain powerhouse MIBR is looking to clear the path forward.

In the statement, MIBR thanked all of them for their efforts in the organization. Not to mention the fact that Fer and TACO both joined MIBR during 2018 and played for them ever since. MIBR didn’t mention the exact reason behind releasing Fer. Although he was banned from Twitch earlier this year for making some racist remarks. Additionally, TACO‘s release is also unexplained. MIBR has not been on the top of the CS:GO scene for a long time. After signing Fer from SK Gaming and TACO from Team Liquid, MIBR fans had high expectations about the team and the overall Brazilian CS:GO scene.

MIBR disappointed their fans with some unwanted controversies and underperformance at Major tournaments. Lately the Brazilian CS:GO scene has been bombarded with allegations and speculations about some severe issues. The overall team chemistry of MIBR was not present at major CSGO tournaments. Ultimately, years of under-performance, dramas, and unplanned roster changes forced MIBR into making such a hard decision.

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