CS:GO is back at the top again in the steam chart since 2015

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has seen a resurgence in the past few months. Ever since the arrival of the battle royal genre seems like players are going back to the father of all modern fps.

Even though Counter-Strike: Global Offensive peaked at 850k concurrent players in steam back in April 2016, the game faced a downturn back in 2017. Then came the battle royale craze. Everyone and their grandma was playing PUBG at that time. And it looked like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lost its magic.

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It didn’t reach the top ever again after that. The top games at the steam chart were all dominated by the battle royale games. Even CS:GO had made their own spin at the genre with little success. But as time began to pass and gamers were a little bit over the battle royale craze. They all began to come back in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in big numbers.

Steam chart

This is the first time since Jan 2017 the game had over 800K concurrent players in steam. Steam making the game free to play did had a positive effect on the player count. Even after all that the staying power of the OG counter strike is no joke at all. This game has been the industry standard of how a FPS game should be like.

The Comeback

With new operations after almost a year. Counterstrike players now had a new reason to grind the game. The Operation Shattered Web was received positively. But there was some complaint with the visibility issue that was bugging the players. All in all CS:GO made a huge comeback and rose to the top again.

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