CSGO: Heroic face backlash following their decision to keep working with Hunden despite his ban

Team Heroic’s Coach Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen faced an 8-month ban as of September of this year due to his use of game exploits.

This 29-year-old Dane is currently suspended as a Coach but no new coach has been appointed by Team heroic following his ban. Later, it was revealed that the suspended coach has been working with the team despite his ban.

HUNDEN faced the ban because of using an exploit that enabled the coaches to gain a competitive advantage by being able to view the entire map freely. He used it in Dreamhack Malmö and Home Sweet Home Cup Season 5. The bug was used in two days across 21 rounds.


Team Heroic did announce the removal of HUNDEN from their active roster along with a statement from the guilty: “CSGO at the top level is super competitive and I saw an edge which I knew was wrong, but I took it and used the bug in-game. I acted on my own, without the knowledge of my teammates” HUNDEN said. 

HEROIC’s response to HUNDEN ban:

After the ban, Team Heroic made the decision to keep working with the coach in spite of his suspension. Regarding this, Team Heroic’s CEO released a statement: “Nicolai’s mistake does not reflect the values or standards Heroic holds or wants to promote, but a mistake is a mistake. We all make them” Erik Askered said.

HEROIC’s controversial tweet:

But in recent events, Team Heroic made a tweet titled “Being Heroic” where the team boasted about their team values and dedication. As the team kept working with a banned coach, the post became ironic and was called out by many players including Steve “Ryu” Rattacasa of team Selfless on the social media platform. The team now faces backlash from the community due to their contradictory statements.

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