Best HUD Settings to Use in CS:GO 2022

Having a clean and informative HUD can impact your competitive CSGO experience more than you think. Whether you want a functional HUD or personalize it, you’ve come to the right place.

In intense situations, it is often difficult to take your eye off your crosshair for more than a split second. This is why it is crucial to have all the necessary HUD information accessible and easy to read at a glance. Also, you’d not want to be in any scenario where the HUD elements distract you from the actual gameplay. This is why it is necessary to have a minimal but informative HUD. Add your favorite color to that splash, and you have your perfect HUD.

What is the HUD?

The HUD or Heads Up Display refers to the graphical representation on the screen that is present and gives you quick information that is accessible at all times. Info like how much ammunition you have in your magazine, your health, equipment, money, mini-map, etc., are displayed in the HUD in CSGO.

These are the things you ought to have at your disposal at any point in the game. Some information in the HUD is more important than others, and here we’ll be showing you how to adjust your HUD settings to have better access to the most crucial info. In contrast, less important info can be moved to the sidelines to lessen the distractions on the screen. You can also personalize the HUD to a color you want.

How to customize your HUD settings

1. Through the in-game settings menu

The first and simplest way to change your CSGO HUD is from the in-game settings menu. To access this, click the gear icon on the left from the home screen. Then go to the “Game” tab from the top and scroll down, or simply hit “Hud” from the top.

CS:GO HUD Settings Menu
CS:GO HUD Settings Menu

From this menu, you’re greeted with various settings. Let’s break down what they mean and what the options do one by one, and our suggestions.

Friendly Fire Reticle Warning: As the name suggests, when you have your crosshair on an ally, it will show a warning sign to give you the heads up that you’re aiming at an ally. The options here are:

  • Only on Deafult Crosshair – Use this if you’re new and just starting out and using the Deafult crosshair.
  • Always on – Use this if you’re having a problem with friendly fire and doing it more often than not.
  • Always off – Standard option for regular players.

HUD Scale: This setting will adjust the size of the HUD elements like the ammo counter, HP bar, etc. Adjust this to be larger if you have a high res monitor or you’re finding it difficult to read the HUD info at a quick glance. Adjust it to be smaller if you find the HUD elements distracting you.

HUD Scale 0.75
HUD Scale 0.75
HUD Scale 0.95
HUD Scale 0.95

If you’re not getting distracted, larger is usually better.

HUD Color: With this setting, you can adjust the colors of some parts of the HUD like HP, armor, and ammo. This is more of a personal option so use whatever color you like.

HUD Background Alpha: This option adjusts the opacity of HUD elements like Money, HP, Armor, Ammo, and Location displays. Adjust this to be higher if you’re finding it difficult to read the HUD info at a quick glance. Adjust it to be lower if you find the HUD elements distracting you.

HUD Bg Alpha 100
HUD Bg Alpha 100
HUD BG Alpha 0
HUD BG Alpha 0

This setting doesn’t adjust too much, but if you have a HUD color set that is likely to blend in with the environment color (yellow, black), a higher Alpha setting will help you see the HUD better.

Health/Ammo Style: This setting adjusts how the Health/Ammo/Armor is displayed on the HUD.

  • Deafult – Shows the health number along with a bar as well as graphical representation of the bullets. Looks nicer but somewhat unnecessary.
Default Health/Ammo Style
  • Simple – Only shows the health, armor number and bullet count. Reccommended.
Simple Health/Ammo Style

Bomb HUD Position: The setting adjusts the HUD notification icon for the T-side bomb carrier. This setting is more important than you think because you will find it in a lot of situations where your bomb carrier simply does not know he has the bomb and runs into bad situations and loses you the round because of this.

  • Under the Radar – This shows the bomb icon for the carrier under the mini-map. Reccommended setting. This allows you to have a better eye on who has the bomb since you’ll be looking at your mini-map the most throughout the game. Clears confusion in ranked games.
HUD Under the Radar
HUD Under the Radar
  • Show in Inventory – This shows the bomb on the right side with your other inventory items. You can set it to this if you find the previous setting distracting but this option is not reccommended.
 HUD in the Inventory
HUD in the Inventory

Mini Scoreboard Position: This setting adjusts the position of the scoreboard. The scoreboard has some important info like how many players are alive, the round time, and the map score. It is secondary in terms of importance, so have it somewhere it doesn’t distract you.

  • Top – Shows at the top of the screen. Deafult option, fine to leave it at that.
Mini Scoreboard Position Top
Mini Scoreboard Position Top
  • Bottom – Shows at the bottom of the screen. Some players prefer this option as there might be some rare cases you’d want line of sight at the top of your screen.
Mini Scoreboard Position Bottom
Mini Scoreboard Position Bottom

Mini Scoreboard style: This shows the style of the mini scoreboard discussed above. The two option has their pros and cons.

  • Show Avatars – shows the steam Avatar of the players on the scoreboard. One benefit is being able to identify which players are alive with a quick glance. This can help like if you see a specific player with a repeated gameplay pattern you can quickly identify him during a clutch and predict his actions. But this has downsides aswell. With so many people setting vulgar dps, you might consider not using this option.
Show Avatars
Show Avatars
  • Just show Player Count – Only shows how many players are alive. A bit less information but sometimes less is more as knowing which player is alive can have demerits aswell like making mistakes infront of their top fragger or underestimating their bottomfragger. Still the reccommended option due to decreased distractions.
Just show Player count
Just show Player count

2. Through Console Commands

Console commands can be used from the developer console by pressing the “~” key. You can see a full guide on how to enable and use the developer console along with other commands from here.

The commands below will customize the Heads up display or HUD elements. You can add a personal touch by changing the colors or getting rid of distracting visuals.

  • cl_hud_color 0-10” – Different basic colors of the in-game interface
  • cl_hud_playercount_showcount 0/1” – Disables/enables the player count menu as numbers of alive players. In the disabled condition, you will see Steam avatars
  • cl_hud_playercount_pos 0/1” – To place the player count menu to the upper side of the screen (0) or to the bottom (1)
  • +cl_show_team_equipment” – You will see the names of your teammates and their equipment above their heads during the whole round. To return the default settings (the info only at the start), use the disabling command “-cl_show_team_equipment
  • +showscores” or “+score” – The game score will be always visible on the screen. To disable, use -“showscores” or “-score
  • cl_drawhud_force_deathnotices -1/0/1” – Provides info on kills never appears on the screen (-1) or it is shown when HUD is disabled (1) or enabled (0)
  • cl_hud_bomb_under_radar 0/1” – If you carry the bomb, its icon will appear underneath radar (1) or will be disabled (0)
  • cl_hud_healthammo_style 0/1” – Lets you to see info on your health and armor only as numbers (1) or as numbers and the bar (0)
  • hud_scaling 0.85” – This command makes all the HUD elements bigger or smaller. Use the values from 0.5 to 0.95
  • mapoverview_icon_scale 2” – Icons on the map overview become twice bigger. Return the default condition with the value 1
  • hud_showtargetid 0/1” – To hide/show info on opponents when you hover over them

Best HUD settings commands

You can copy and paste the text from the table below directly in the developer console for the most optimal HUD settings.

cl_hud_playercount_showcount 1;
cl_hud_playercount_pos 1;
cl_hud_bomb_under_radar 1;
cl_hud_healthammo_style 1;
hud_scaling 0.85;
hud_showtargetid 1;
Simply copy and paste the entire table in your console

So this covers all the HUD settings, what each of them does, console commands to change them, and the best HUD settings for CSGO.

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