Crysis Remastered teaser for PC and consoles, Yes even Switch

Crysis Remastered officially announced with a teaser trailer, after a number of hints from their official Twitter and Website.

EA and Crytek’s mega-hit, Crysis is returning to melt all our hardware once again. Seen first by a Twitter user on the official website, there is some info about the graphical updates. Also, surprisingly enough information about a Switch release.

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“Crysis Remastered brings new graphic features, high-quality textures, and the CRYENGINE’s native hardware – and API-agnostic ray tracing solution for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and – for the very first time – Nintendo Switch.”

The Crytek official YouTube channel posted the teaser, officially confirming the game.

Crysis was first launched in 2007 and received high praises both for its Sci-fi first person gameplay and more famously, for its graphical capabilities; burning CPUs.

Furthermore, the fps game is making an entry for the first time in Nintendo Consoles. The game was very downgraded to support previous-gen consoles. Hopefully, we will experience a better, more enjoyable version playing as Nomad in the stronger current-gen systems. Can’t wait to get into our exo suits once more.

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