Cross progression in Apex Legends may arrive within 2022, says Respawn official

Ever since Respawn introduced cross-play into Apex Legends back in 2020, fans of this battle royale game have been begging the developers to include cross progression in the game.

While cross-play enabled players to queue with their friends on completely different platforms, players were still unable to make a switch to the platform of their choice while keeping all the progress they made in their past accounts.

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What is cross-progression?

Cross-progression allows players to change platforms on demand while keeping all their progress and unlockables like skins, badges, stats, heirlooms, and more. This has been a highly sought-after feature as many players wanted to switch to PC from consoles or the other way around. Although the fear of losing all their progress made them think twice.

In short, as there is no cross-progression support for Apex Legends at the moment, players are unable to change their platforms from PCs to consoles and vice versa. Following many requests from the player base, Respawn acknowledged that they were in fact working on it.

However, cross-progression is a technical nightmare for Respawn devs since Apex is now playable on so many different platforms like PCs, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. As such, merging these old and new accounts while also retaining all the progress is already proving to be quite a hassle.

On top of that, there are apparently legal and contractual issues that Respawn also needs to navigate around as this game is available all around the world and different regions around the world have different laws.

Cross progression might arrive in 2022

Apex cross progression
Image via r/apexlegends

Despite all the challenges, Respawn’s director of communication Ryan k. Rigney stated that next year, meaning 2022 is the year when players can expect cross-progression to arrive. Also, devs are seriously committed to delivering it as this has been one of the most requested features in the game.

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Hopefully, Respawn can manage to launch cross-progression within next year and let players hop in and out of the game from the platforms.

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