Critical Exploit in VALORANT lets OMEN abuse his abilities

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Valorant Wiki

First discovered by Professional VALORANT player AvovA, an absurd exploit in Haven map is allowing OMEN to gain a huge positional advantage.

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VALORANT player AvovA from Team Heretics just spotted an exploit in Haven which basically provides Omen with a birds-eye view of A lobby area. In the video, AvovA is able to trigger the exploit after multiple failed tries. Judging by the clip, it seems the triggering sequence is quite simple too.

First, AvovA tried to use the “Shrouded Step” ability to gain an elevated position in A lobby Double-Box; few attempts later, he decides to utilize Omen’s Ultimate ability “From the Shadows” to complete the triggering sequence. Shortly after landing on top of the Double-box, AvovA is able to gain an unpredictable position in A Lobby.

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As a controller, Omen is the fundamental flanking agent for any professional VALORANT team. The exploit shown above can literally differentiate between victory and defeat. Haven is a large map with numerous amount of angles and hazardous open grounds. Without Omen’s abilities, it’s challenging to initiate offensive measures. Double-Box area in A Lobby generally goes unchecked, which makes this exploit more alarming.

However, the Game Director of VALORANT, Joe Ziegler, has been mentioned by his colleagues in the comment thread to notify him about the exploit. So, a hotfix from RIOT might be dispatched soon to wipe out this exploit.

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