Make a team for EU ‘Mini-Major’ on Draftbuff and get a chance to earn a R6S Year 5 pass

Project Prisma, a unique fantasy league for Rainbow Six Siege, was first created back in July 2019. But since then, Project Prisma has partnered up with DraftBuff in an effort to create the first open Rainbow Six: Siege Fantasy.


The partnership with DraftBuff was first announced back in June 12, and a video was published explaining their newest fantasy league for Rainbow Six Siege and how it would work.

“DraftBuff is a free social Fantasy esports application that can be found both on iOS and Android. It has other titles, but we’re here for Rainbow Six: Siege. It doesn’t include any kind of betting system, so you won’t find anything related to that in the application. Everything is completely free, the only requirement is to have fun,” explains DraftBuff Rainbow Six Product Manager, Candor.

DraftBuff has been providing great esports fantasy experiences for many popular titles like LoL and CSGO. But now they are also supporting Rainbow Six Siege to try and deliver a quality fantasy league system for this community.

DraftBuff – Social Fantasy Esports

– Play fantasy esports today! Build a fantasy team of your favorite pro players!

– Join a league with your friends, or make some new ones.

– Share your teams as you compete in Draft Royales

– Win virtual prizes, level up and and trash talk your friends as you go on your fantasy journey

A lot of Siege fans tried out DraftBuff during stage 1 of the US Division and the European League. But now ahead of the EU Six August 2020 Major, SiegeGG will be hosting a Draft Royale for the ‘Mini-Major‘, where you can get a chance to earn a Year 5 Pass for Rainbow Six Siege.

So download the DraftBuff app now from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and create a roster for your own team. You’ll have a certain budget to try and get the best team possible to earn the valuable points.

The EU “Mini-Major” kicks off tonight, so join the tournament here and prepare your drafts right now. You can also watch the Six August Major on Twitch to earn special Twitch Drops for Rainbow Six Siege.

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