Cowana Gaming wins R6 European Challenger League Finals; Promoted to EUL 2021

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

In an exciting best-of-five series, Cowana Gaming defeated MnM Gaming to become the Champions of EU Challenger League 2020 season and secured their place for European League 2021.

Climbing their way from the bottom, Cowana Gaming started their journey in CL through the open qualifiers and they’ve managed to finally gain promotion to the top stage of Siege esports with hard work and determination.

Image: R6 Liquipedia

However, MnM Gaming didn’t let them off that easily in the CL grand finals. Cowana had a strong start on the first map of Consulate, beating MnM with a convincing score of 7-2. But MnM managed to pull it back in a tight showdown (8-7) on Villa, where all 15 rounds were needed to find the better team.

Image: SiegeGG

Both teams were neck and neck on the next two maps, going overtime on both in order to separate the two teams. In the end, Cowana Gaming came out at the top, winning the Rainbow Six Siege Challenger League 2020 Grand Finals with a 3-1 scoreline, and advancing to the EUL 2021 season. They’ll also be receiving the winner’s prize pool of 15,000€.

But it’s still not over for MnM Gaming, as they will have another chance tonight in the relegation/promotion match against Rogue. But considering Rogue’s experience in the top stage Siege esports, it will definitely be a very tough battle for MnM.

Watch Rogue vs MnM Gaming (5 pm GMT) match live at Twitch and YouTube, right after the match of G2 Esports vs Virtus.Pro plays it out to find who’ll go against BDS in the EU grand finals tomorrow.

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