Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Operation Shattered Web update just broke the game for competitive players

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Operation Shattered Web went live on 18th November. The new operation was a breath of fresh air. Soon after the update went live. There was a huge problem.

This new counter-strike update just added a battle pass like system. So, it added some new skins for guns. Some new weekly challenges. They also added operator skins for the first time ever. For the first time in counter-strike update history players now can literally hide on the bush. Players were using their operator’s skin to blend in with the environment.

csgo shattered web
counter-strike update shattered web

Some players were hiding in plain sight and not moving. This update fundamentally changed how Counter-strike is played.


Pro’s are calling in on a ban on these skins in competitive tournaments for good reason. Competitive players want a fair match. If players use operator skins to blend in with the environment it becomes a really unhealthy situation for any competitive environment.

After all the fuss, major cs:go major tournaments already joined suit and banned all other operator skins.

Here’s what the ESEA did:

So far, this update added a lot of welcomed change in the game. More skins and daily challenges give players a reason to come back to this game. Hopefully, Valve can fix the skin and visibility issues on the new map.

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