Content Creator Accuses Call of Duty Devs of Selling Inside Information to Cheat Makers

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Treyarch/ Raza's YouTube

Call of Duty content creator, Twitch streamer and YouTuber Rara released a video accusing Insiders from Activision of selling info to cheat makers.

Activision released Call of Duty: Warzone back in March of 2020 and being a free-to-play game, it attracted a lot of players. But players jumping in to try out the next big battle royale were soon facing an influx of cheaters. The cheating problem has become so bad that even after banning thousands of players, cheaters can be found in almost every match. Even high profile streamers like Ninja and Courage took to Twitter to criticize the cheater problem in Warzone last year.

Even after all the criticism, Activision is yet to introduce a working anti-cheat system that works as intended. A YouTuber and content creator called Rara recently made a pretty steep accusation against Activision because of their reluctance to introduce an anti-cheat system. According to Rara, someone inside Activision is selling information to cheat makers and that is the reason why there is no anti-cheat system in Warzone.

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The Accusation:

Recently Rara released a video on his YouTube channel where he made an accusation against Activision insiders of selling information to cheat makers. In the 13 min video titled “The reason Warzone won’t have an anti-cheat” Rara made the accusation.

Rara starts by rewinding a bit to the release of Alpha of Call of Duty: Cold War. Rara apparently found out that people were already cheating on the Cold War Beta. According to him only an hour after release people were already using cheating software.

Rara joined a group chat to find some answers where a data-miner shared what was really going on. Rara said, “He(The data miner) made it very clear that there is someone on the inside, that has been giving up everything.”

Later in the video, Rara revealed that he already gave the info to Activision and they apparently said there was an investigation going on. But since then nothing has happened. Reza apparently shared this information with another YouTuber, who also reached out to Activision but hasn’t heard anything since.

Rara then said, “The person that is on the inside works at both studios. They have access to both Treyarch and Infinity Ward”. He apparently saw emails containing concept arts that were not yet made public.

If you want full context then you can watch the full video made by Rara down below-

YouTube video

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